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A gift for mom

Mother's Day gift Vanamo tray for serving cakes

A domestic gift for mom on Mother's Day

What about a gift for mom? These gift ideas you will get a complete, domestic Mother’s Day gift and you will be guaranteed to delight your favorites.


Wooden board Talking Peonies as a gift for mom

Talking Peonies Plywood Print, Plywood Print

These flowers never wither! A bouquet is a classic gift for a woman. Talking Peonies on a wooden board is a joy for a long time.


Sakura necklace as a gift for mom

Sakura necklace for mom, Butoni

The gorgeous Sakura necklace is truly elegant and feminine. It’s just the right choice for a more casual outfit or party outfit to bring it one last touch.


Finnish Aino shoulder bag as a gift for mom

The only shoulder bag is light brown, Okay's

The beautiful Aino shoulder bag is cleverly finished with skilled hands. The classic design lasts for a while and the handmade bag lasts for use. The only one is a spacious shoulder bag to take with you as you go.


Beautiful Vanamo tray from Rovaniemi

Vanamo tray for cakes

Vanamo is a beautiful flower of the northern cloth forests and a favorite plant of many. Its delicate pink flowers intoxicate with its scent and the herb made from it has long been believed to help in matters of love.


Kupilka kuksa gift box

A cup of duck for a hiker

Does mom like to relax in the woods and hike? Then the Kupilka wilderness dishes are just the right choice for mom. They are durable and versatile in use, as well as very easy to maintain.


Säde earrings as a gift

Radius wooden earrings for mom

Beam earrings for the sun's rays! They are festively Korean and minimalist restrained at the same time, making them suitable for many uses. The light movement of the ring chains and the delicate sound bring a unique life to the jewelry in a playful way.


Swan poster

Swan poster, nature poster

Swan, that is our noble national bird. The swan is a clear sign of spring results as is Mother’s Day. The beautiful 50 x 70 cm poster fits on the wall of a nature lover.


Glue the hanger to the interior

Join wall hooks for the decorator

Does mom like to decorate? Fly hangers are a great gift for an interior designer. They are versatile and can be wall mounted inside or out. They are suitable for a town house or cottage. They are great as a flock, in pairs or alone.


Stylish, Nordic Väre pillow

 Color decorative pillow, Miiko

The color pillow is already an interior designer classic and everyone's dream. The genuine natural materials of this rough leather cushion are adorable. The front is leather and the background is wool felt.


 Swan earrings

Swan earrings as a gift for mom

Beautiful jewelry for a beautiful woman. This delicate The swan can also be found as a necklace.


Gift card for mom

Gift card for mother The Finland Shop

Let the mother choose the gift she wants. Mom can choose the gift of her choice from our comprehensive domestic selection at a time that suits her.


Remember mom and get the best, domestic gift for mom! Here you will find our favorites for Mother's Day gift >>


Sincerely, Johanna


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