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Wooden board Norppa, Erik Bruun

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Wooden board Saimaannorppa, Erik Bruun 30 x 40 cm - Plywood Print

Artist Erik Bruun's classic work Saimaannorppa from 1974

A symbol of Finnish nature conservation for many years

Printed on durable domestic birch plywood

Designed and manufactured in Finland

In cooperation Trees for Future with the organization, 2 trees will be planted for each wooden board sold ❤


Plywood Print prints photos on Finnish birch plywood with high-quality technology, creating stunning wooden boards in which the natural tone of the wood and the beautiful patterns of the plywood remain visible. So each painting is a unique work. All paintings are made at Plywood Print's studio in Helsinki.

Saimaannorppa, Erik Bruun

The artist Erik Bruun is an internationally known and award-winning Finnish graphic artist, whose beloved nature photographs now also adorn wooden paintings. Erik Bruun wanted to draw a Saimaa ringed seal because of its poor species situation in 1974. He went to sketch a picture at the Tampere Aquarium, where a lone ringed seal was swimming. Erik says when he finally looked inherently at the ring, it smiled back at him. In this way, a smile was recorded for the ringed seal, although experts say that the ringed seal does not seem to smile. Erik's Saimaannorppa has been a symbol of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation for many years ♥


Product information

Material: Finnish PEFC & FSC certified birch plywood
Photo: Saimaannorppa, Erik Bruun
Size: 30 x 40 cm
Wood thickness: 1 mm


  • The 1 mm thick wooden board is so light that it can be hung on the wall with tape or framed without glass. Also popular wooden hangers fit well with it.

Care instructions: You can wipe the board with a dry or slightly damp cloth without damaging the colors.


Plywood Print

Plywood Print makes wonderful wooden boards in Helsinki from durable domestic birch plywood. Photos are printed on wooden boards with moisture-, heat- and UV-resistant ink, making them long-lasting and high-quality. Read more and see other products ...


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tanja Y.

I liked it a lot. My sister ordered a poster from the Finnish Association for Nature in the '70s in Kittilä and it has been with her for decades until it broke up a couple of years ago. I bought the painting for him as a 60 year old gift and it was considered a gift.

Absolutely wonderful to hear and a great idea as a gift! Thank you very much Tanja ♥!

Heidi R.

Really beautiful! Just like I was waiting for.

Wonderful to hear, thank you so much Heidi ♥!

Jaana L.

Wooden board Norppa, Erik Bruun

Thank you very much Jaana ♥!


Nice board. So light that it was easily obtained on the wall with just a blue sticker.

Wonderful to hear, thank you so much Maikki ♥!

Marja R.
Ringed wooden board

I am very satisfied, the quality product is directly surprised at how high quality it is, thank you.

Wonderful to hear! Thank you very much Marja ♥