Catie Q

CATIE Q is a design company specialized in jewellery. Their hometown is Oulu located at the northern coast of Gulf of Bothnia. The mission is to tell inspirational stories about female diversity. Stories that grow, develop, and have something new to give.

Behind the brand is designer Terhi Silenius. Terhi has a versatile artistic background amongst other in art photography and visual arts. Content for her design she gets of everything that appeals and evokes visions like  travelling, nature and surrounding phenomena. That's why Terhi calls her collections inspirational collages, which combine her curiosity and commitment.

"Creating something new requires to get out of the box - to let go our learned stories and meanings. When you free yourself to be inspired by everything, you are released to act and grow."

Design Philosophy

CATIE Q production process combines image drawing with modern laser cutting and printing techniques. The company is using renewable natural materials such as domestic wood and steel as well as suppliers that use sustainable manufacturing methods.


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