Design by KIETO

In spring, 2018 when the sunshine started to warm our cheekbones a new jewellery brand Design by KIETO was born in Finland, in Joensuu. The brand was founded by family Hiltunen, Annika and Tuomas. The beautiful name KIETO was succested by their eight-year-old son. Kieto is the national flower of Finland, Lily of the Valley.

Annika is the designer behind the excellent illustration world. Her beautiful pictures has already been seen in Paletti Oy's postcards, Lotus Emilia Design's products, Nosh Oy's clothing and fashion designer Anne-Mari Pahkala's All My Poems-collection.

Annika and Tuomas say: "Design by KIETO jewellery is colourful and spectacular. Good feeling can be seen far away, affecting others and of course lasting. Just like the ecological, non-toxic colours used in our jewellery. They also have a high UV-radiation duration.

You feel cheerful and confident also in your body: you are not depressed and it is easy to go. That is why our jewellery is made of Finnish certified birch plywood, which is light and ecological material. The naturally lively surface makes every piece of jewellery unique - as we, humans are. Let us be proud of it! "