Valona design

Valona was founded in 2006 by artisan Elina Mäntylä. Elina makes handcrafted home decor products and giftware as well as wooden jewellery in her design studio in Helsinki.

New materials and techniques inspire Elina and she likes to try out new ways of manufacturing at the same time taking into account the material and the environment. Elina was among the first to experiment with birch plywood and laser cutting in jewellery production. So were birch crystals created. They characterise dew pearls on birch branches glittering in the midnight sun.

Wonder of the nature, classical architecture and Finnish folk tradition inspires the creativity of Elina. She pays particular attention to details created by light and form. The jewellery of Valona design presents lightness, loyalty and nature but also the contours of trees and their roots, old candlesticks or architecture.

With the beauty of jewellery, Elina wants to communicate that each of us is valuable and important. Giving a meaningful gift is always a joy for the giver as well as for the recipient. A gift is an experience!

The products of Valona design have received great awards in Finland in the last years:

  • Nordic world of Santa Claus: Best Gift from Finland 2017, 2nd place - Birch Crystal
  • Finnish Craft & Design: Newcomer product in 2016, 1st place – Halo -chain necklace
  • Finnish Crafts Organization Taito: Folkista Poppia 2014, 1st place – Birch Himmeli -jewellery