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The Finland Shop


Have you heard about Northern green forests and thousand blue lakes? Magical nightless nights or white winter wonderlands? Yes, they are all real. Our four seasons have inspired designers for years to create beautiful Nordic products from natural materials which are long lasting and ecological. They are available for you right here, in The Finland Shop.

We, Johanna and Pauliina founded this company in spring 2018. Our mission is to achieve greater global awareness for the Nordic talented designers and their sustainable products. We have selected this collection for all of you who value ethical production, ecological materials, high quality and timeless design.


Quality - sustainability - Nordic nature inspired design
This winning combination creates the world’s best products

From Nordic for You


All our products are made in Finland. Also materials come from Finland and manufacturing happens close by. That way, we can avoid products travelling multiple times around the globe before getting in your hands. Recycling is also close to our heart. You can find many products that are made of recycled or leftover materials.

In the end of 2018 we were awarded the Key Flag symbol of The Association for Finnish Work for our Finnish service. Good and reliable service is our goal every day. We are proud of our Key Flag symbol and we are very happy to be part of the family of these certified, high quality companies.

After living many years abroad and working in multi-national environments we both now appreciate even more the fresh air and the quietness of the woods. We love to enjoy the peaceful life in nature and with our shop’s selection we would like to share the same happy feelings with you.

Best regards,
Johanna & Pauliina