Backpack, seat belt

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hookoohoo design Backpack - seat belts


Handmade of recycled car seat belts

Excellent strong material

Unique and sustainable backpack

Designed and ecologically hand made in Turku, the beautiful Archipelago city of Finland


Hookoohoo's founder and designer Hanna-Kaisa got an idea for the seat belt bags one day at the old car scrapyard. The shiny black material, which has many tone variations became more and more fascinating. She decided that something very useful has to be done out of it. We cannot waste this excellent product, she thought. Hanna-Kaisa started to design her first collection of seat belt bags, and the story of hookoohoo design begun.

The unique black Backpack made of recycled seat belts is stylish and strong at the same time. It has adjustable shoulder straps and a handle on top. A separate zipper pocket and a key hanger inside. A black zipper closing.

The seat belt Backpack with timeless design, excelent strenght and important recycling!


Product details

Material: recycled seat belts
Size: height 40 cm x width 30 cm x depth 10 cm
Shoulder straps: nylon, adjustable
Designed and manufactured in Finland


Taking care

Seat belt material resist dirt so it's easy to keep the bag clean. In case you need to clean the bag you can swipe the top with a damp cloth, wash it under cold water or even put it in the washing mashine.



The idea of seat belt bags was born one day in the old car scrapyard. The material is fascinating and we need to make something useful of it, Hanna-Kaisa thought. Have a look at other hookoohoo products and read the full story...