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Vibrant wooden earrings - pink

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  • Design room Tuokio Eloisa wooden earrings, pink

    Lovely and very playful!

    Finnish birch plywood

    Made by hand in Finland

    Raumalainen Muotoiluhuone Tuokio makes wonderfully inventive wooden ornaments from Finnish birch plywood. Jewelry is characterized by colors, cheerfulness, a certain kind of minimalism and small details. The jewelry designs are always my own work. My own children, the past decades, as well as graphics and everyday life serve as inspiration: a spilled glass of milk is the best spatial art of everyday life :)

    Vibrant earrings, a great gift for a woman

    Eloisa wooden earrings have a wonderful series of colors on top of each other. The top piece is natural birch, the middle one is soft pink and the bottom one is elegant black. The ornament is double-sided and there is paint on both sides of the wooden part. The side edge of the jewelry is softly dark. A very beautiful and playful piece of jewelry from every angle!

    We have Eloisa earrings in two different color series, either pink in the middle or mint green in the middle. There is also a nice necklace in both colors.

    Mootiluhuone Tuokio's products are all manufactured in Finland, as environmentally friendly, responsible and high-quality as possible. Tuokio also wants to support Finnish work and know-how by using Finnish materials. Thanks for doing that too.

    • Product information

      Material: Birch plywood and clean, nickel-free 304 steel
      Colors: Birch-pink-black. From September 2020, the jewelry is painted on both sides.
      Size: height 6 cm

    • Design room Tuokio's founder Sanni wants to share joy and happiness with others... Read more

    Customer Reviews

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    Eloisa puukorvakorut

    Näyttävät ja samalla sirot, aivan ihanat korvikset❤️

    Ihana kuulla, kiitos paljon Senni ♥!

    Roosa T.

    Eloisa puukorvakorut - vaaleanpunainen

    Kiitos paljon Roosa ♥!


    Ihanan kevyet, laadukkaat ja kauniit ❤️

    Ihana kuulla ♥, kiitos paljon Jenni!