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Fox cub, wood panel

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  • Teemu Järvi Illustrations, Kitunpoika wood panel / plywood poster 24 x 30 cm

    A cute Little Fox artwork printed on a 24 x 30 cm plywood board

    Material 1 mm thick, responsibly made domestic birch plywood

    The poster has the Vainlippu brand and is designed and manufactured in Finland

    "Newborn fox cubs obviously stay close to the nest, but at about eight weeks old they are already playing and frolicking outside. Sometimes the little foxes are so curious that they peek at people. The little fox cub is quite a cute apparition." - Teemu Järvi

    Reed pencil drawing. The size of the plywood poster is 24 x 30 cm. The fox picture is printed on a beautiful special plywood that is only one millimeter thick. Due to its thinness and lightness, the wooden poster can be hung like a paper poster with clips, or it can be framed without glass as a board. The product has the Avainlippu mark of Finnish work.

    Teemu Järvi Illustrations

    Teemu Järve's works stem from a deep experience of nature, the calming power of forests and waterways. Read more and see other products...

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    Kaunis, ja vastaa netistä saamiani tietoja.

    Mahtava kuulla, kiitos paljon Anne ♥!