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Birch dimmer, black

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Light design dimmer, black


Stunning, airy centerpiece of the entire room

A modern and timeless version of the traditional

Made in Finland from birch


The Valona design studio, founded by Helsinki-based designer Elina Mäntylä, makes magnificent wooden ornaments from birch plywood by laser cutting. Finnish birch plywood is a fine and light natural material. Laser cutting technology gives wood decorations a beautiful, distinctive dark edge.

Himmeli, black

The light birch dimmer in the design is the stunning, airy centerpiece of the entire room. The light penetrates the thin wooden decorations beautifully. The birch dimmer is stylish and modern, but at the same time it respects the delicate design language of its traditional role models. All in all, great room decoration all year round!

Although birch bark is airy and light, it is much more durable than its traditional straw model. The dimmer is also easy to disassemble and reassemble.

A gift idea

Birch dumplings are packed in a beautiful, flat box that can be sent as a gift!


Photos: Maija Saukko & Valona design


Product information

Material: Laser cut birch plywood
Color options: Black or Birch
Height: 38 cm
Width: 33 cm
Weight: 100g


Light design story

Valona's design products have received great feedback in recent years in Finland, Read more...


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Laura R.

Birch dimmer, black

Thank you very much Laura ❤!