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  • Birch crystal Heart, red

    Valona design Birch crystal Heart, red

    Crowns a warm Christmas interior

    The package can also be sent as a postcard as a gift

    Finnish birch

    Made in Finland

    Valona design studio, founded by Helsinki-based designer Elina Mäntylä, manufactures wonderful wooden decorations from birch plywood by laser cutting. Domestic birch plywood is a fine and light natural material. Laser cutting technology gives the wooden ornaments a beautiful, distinctive dark edge.

    Birch crystal The heart consists of two laser-cut pieces of wood that are strung together. It can be easily disassembled back into parts.

    A gift idea

    Birch crystal The heart is packed in a flat cardboard package, which can be sent as it is, for example as a postcard. A great gift idea! The package includes pictorial assembly instructions and wire for hanging.

    Product information

    Material: Birch
    Color: Red
    Height/diameter: 10 cm
    Weight: 34g

    Please note that this product does not have the right of return after opening the cardboard packaging, because the product package is sealed.

    Valona's design products have received great feedback in Finland in recent years, read more...

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