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Birch crystal Heart, wood

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Light design Birch crystal Heart, wood

Crown the warm Christmas decor

The package can also be sent as a postcard as a gift

Finnish birch

Made in Finland


The Valona design studio, founded by Helsinki-based designer Elina Mäntylä, makes magnificent wooden ornaments from birch plywood by laser cutting. Finnish birch plywood is a fine and light natural material. Laser cutting technology gives wood decorations a beautiful, distinctive dark edge.

Birch crystal The heart consists of two laser-cut pieces of wood that are threaded together. It can be easily disassembled back into parts.

A gift idea

Birch crystal The heart is packed in a flat cardboard package, which can be sent as such, even as a postcard. Great gift idea! The package includes pictorial assembly instructions and wire for hanging.


Product information

Material: Birch
Color: Wood
Height / diameter: 10 cm
Weight: 34g

Please note that this product is non-refundable after opening the carton as the product package is sealed.


Valona's design products have received great feedback in recent years in Finland, Read more...


Customer Reviews

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Riitta V.

I bought two birch crystals, one goes as a gift. Staying home is great! Spruce trees are stunning with LED sticks.

Awesome to hear, thank you very much Riitta ❤️!