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    Koivunen sauna pillow, linen

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    Linen sauna pillow Koivunen, Lapuan Kankurit

    60% washed European Masters of Linen linen and 40% cotton

    The classic pattern is back in production again!

    Jaqcuard woven, easy-care linen-cotton sauna pillow

    Filled with fire-safe polyester batting

    Key Flag product designed and manufactured in Finland

    Klassikko Koivunen sauna pillow as a partner for sauna cover. The jaqcuard woven linen-cotton sauna pillow designed by Marja Rautiainen is filled with fire-resistant polyester wadding. The linen-cotton combination is easy to care for and the shine of the linen comes out wonderfully. Also suitable as a travel pillow!

    Why linen? Linen is an ecological choice.

    • Flax cultivation binds 250,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the air per year in Europe and it is a completely biodegradable material. It leaves no waste at all.
    • Linen is a strong natural fiber that shines beautifully and repels dirt. As a bath towel, it feels pleasant and effectively absorbs moisture and dries very quickly.
    • Linen fiber is strong and inflexible. 100% washed linen is a relaxed, easy and stylish material. Linen lasts from generation to generation, it softens and gets better with use over the years.

    Product information

    Material: 60% Oeko-Tex certified European Masters of Linen linen and 40% cotton. Filled with fire-safe polyester batting.
    Colors: linen-green
    Size: 20 x 46 cm
    Made in Finland, Lapua.
    Design: Marja Rautiainen

    Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C. Avoid fabric softeners and bleaches. Light spinning. No tumble drying. Knead while damp. Fabric shrinkage approx. 5%.

    Lapuan Kankurit

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