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Kuukkeli necklace - brown

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Sanninco Hooked necklace, brown

Inspired by Kainuu Kuukkel

Pendant in light birch plywood, skillfully laser cut

Made in Kainuu

Ancient Finns have had a lot of imagination when they have explained the world based on their beliefs. These stories have inspired Sanninco and have given rise to beautiful wooden jewelery related to Kuhmo's nature - A piece of Finnish Nature. Sustainable design and ethical values ​​are important in Sanninco's production. The jewelery is made of Finnish birch plywood in Kainuu. The aim is to get all the raw materials as close as possible. The jewelry is delivered in a beautiful jewelry box.


Hearted necklace

In Finnish folklore, the moonwalk was called the “bird of the soul,” because it was believed that the soul of a forester would pass to the moonlight after his death. At the campfire, he acted as if he knew the walker. The cuckoo was also strongly regarded as a bird of fortune, the appearance of which brought good fortune. Inspired by these ancient mythological stories, Sannico’s first Kuukkeli jewelry was born. A brochure explaining these beliefs comes with the Kuukkeli jewelry box.

The Kuukkeli necklace pendant is made of Finnish birch plywood by laser cutting. The jewelery is painted with a water-based paint with an M1 rating and the Nordic Swan Label. The paint also meets the strict requirements for the surface treatment of toys. The jewelry chain is made of surgical steel.

Kuukkeli jewelry is also available in light birch color.

Product information

Color: brown
Material: birch plywood, surgical steel
Size: wooden pendant width 5 cm, chain length 85 cm. The chain can be adjusted to be shorter.
Package: necklace is delivered in a jewelry box.

Care instructions: The wood material is not resistant to soiling. Do not expose the jewelry to plenty of water.


The story of Sanninco

Behind Sanninco is designer Sanni Homanen, who makes jewelry in Kuhmo, Kainuu. Sannia has always been inspired by ancient Finnish fairy tales and stories with a lot of imagination. Read More



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