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Kuukkeli the knife

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  • Kuukkeli knife, Kivalo Design

    A unique, stylish, handmade Finnish knife inspired by the Kuukkeli bird

    Made of birch and carbon steel in Rovaniemi

    Design by Heikki Alakulppi

    In this knife, a design inspired by our nature's bird meets good usability. Handy design and handy-sized blade guarantee a good user experience.

    The materials of the knife breathe Finnish nature - the handle is made of domestic birch and birch veneer. The blade is traditional, easily sharpened carbon steel. The whole is finished with natural oil wax and skillful craftsmanship at the Kivalo workshop in Rovaniemi.

    Product information:

    • Knife: Kuukkeli
    • Size: The length of the knife is 18 cm. The length of the blade is 6.2 cm, Scandi Grind. The strength of the handle is 3 x 2.5 cm. The weight of the knife is 78 g and with the sheath 107 g.
    • Material: birch and carbon steel
    • Designed and manufactured in Finland
    Care instructions: The carbon steel blade can rust, so it should be dried and cleaned carefully after use. If necessary, the blade can be protected by treating it with salt-free oil.

      Kivalo Design

      Greetings from Pohjola, Kivalo! Kivalo Design, founded in 2021, has its roots and operations firmly in Finnish Lapland, at the foot of the Kivalo dangers... Read more and see more products

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