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    Lovi Niiskuneiti, Moomin

    Tilapäisesti loppu varastosta.

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  • Moomin Moomin Moomin, Lovi

    Lovi's wooden Niiskuneiti is sitting, a fine golden jewel glitters on her ankle

    The material is environmentally friendly, domestic birch plywood

    Easily self-assembled, no glue needed

    Designed and manufactured in Finland

    Lovi is a company founded by Anne and Mikko Paso from Jääli, northern Finland. Lovi designs and manufactures fine and inventive wooden decorations that are easy to assemble yourself without glue. Ecological production and materials are the foundation of Lovi. All Lovi products are made from environmentally friendly, domestic birch plywood. Lovi products have the Key flag and Design from Finland labels.

    Wooden Niiskuneiti, 9 cm

    "Collect Lovi-Moomin and Moomin Girl on a table, bookshelf or children's room and bring a piece of the most beloved stories into your home." - Notch

    Lovi's petite Niiskuneiti is domestic birch plywood, which you can assemble yourself in the blink of an eye. You don't need any tools or glue to assemble, just a bit of your own time. The package comes with good assembly instructions.

    Product information

    Material: Birch plywood
    Color: wood-colored
    Height: 9 cm
    Made in Finland. Proprietary.
    Design: Anne Paso
    Packaging: Plastic-free, easy-to-send postcard-like packaging. Pictorial assembly instructions included.

    Please note that this product does not have the right of return after opening the cardboard packaging, because the product package is sealed.

    LOVI - Created from wood ♥

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