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Mineral salt soap

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Soap & Balsam handmade Mineral Salt Soap


Best Friend for Sensitive and Dry Skin, Sea Salt ❤ Natural Oils

Let the natural minerals and trace elements refresh your skin and feel the effect immediately. The rich mixture of potassium, calcium and magnesium revitalizes the skin's own moisturizing process, making it soft and supple.

Salt soaps are very popular and for no reason. Salt disinfects, treats, exfoliates and helps the skin to moisturize itself, naturally. Natural minerals and trace elements that pamper the skin refresh the skin. The result is soft and supple skin. Alkaline skin care products such as salt soap are known to regenerate the skin faster because they accelerate the removal of waste products and acids. Salt soaps are excellent for treating dry, dirty or rashy skin.

Soap & Balsam soaps are high in natural glycerin. It protects the skin and helps maintain the skin's moisture balance. It is used especially in products aimed at dry and atopic skin. In SB soaps, all the glycerin that gives the skin moisture is left in its soap. The cosmetics industry, on the other hand, tends to reduce soapy glycerin because it is desired to be transferred and added to specialty products.

Handmade in my own workshop in Helsinki.


  • Mineral salt soap
    Minimum weight: 70g

    No preservatives or curing agents or artificial foams are added to SB soaps. All luxurious foam is created by natural means.

    Soap & Balsam does not compromise on the high quality of raw materials. The products use mainly natural raw materials. Environmental issues are important to the company. SB lump soap is therefore a good choice because it leaves no plastic bottle liner or strong chemicals behind. Soap & Balsam is registered as a cosmetics manufacturer at TUKES and all prescriptions have been safety tested in accordance with EU cosmetics law.
  • Ingredients
    Sea salt / Dead sea salt, Rapeseed oil, Buttermilk butter, Coconut oil, Water, Castor oil, Coconut cream, Almond oil, Titanium oxide

    And the same officially
    Ingredients: sodium chloride, sodium rapeseedate, Butyrospermum parkii butter, sodium cocoate, aqua, sodium castorate, Coconut cream, sodium almondate, Titanium dioxide

  • Soap & Balsam story
    Soap & Balsam products are made by hand in our own workshop in Helsinki. From the beginning, the workshop makes soaps, lip balms, ointments and many other wonderful products with all your heart - using the best skill. Read more...




Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I like to use

I use it as a shower soap and it feels like my skin is cleaner and wetter. Big thumb.

Awesome to hear Elisa ❤, thank you! That's how it's supposed to help and is pretty super especially in the winter.

Skin thank you!

Mineral salt soap is a top product. No more skin itching and cleansing. The bar of soap is also well structured. Does not turn into a soft skin when wet. Thanks The Finland Shop.

Awesome to hear! Thank you Johanna ❤