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    Hanging leather basket Suvi, black

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    Hanging leather basket Suvi, black - TR Leather Design House

    Stylish black, hanging leather flower basket with brass rings

    Suitable for pots of different sizes and shapes

    Finnish vegetable tanned leather

    Handmade in Finland, Key Flag product


    The products of TR Leather Design immediately convey the love of the manufacturer Tiina for craftsmanship and leather processing. The products are always made by hand in her workshop in Helsinki, from cutting, dyeing and every stitch. In the production of the products as far as possible are taken into account Finnish raw materials, the smallest possible waste of raw materials and the longevity of the end result. The icing on the cake is Tiina's talent for the vision of a beautiful leather product, which she is also able to realize.

    TR Leather Design's products have the Key Flag and Design from Finland symbols.

    Suvi hanging leather basket for flowers, black

    Finnish stylish, black-dyed leather goes well with flower pots of different colors and emphasizes the greenery of houseplants.

    Leather is a high-quality and durable material. The leather strips are slim enough, so the plant has room to grow and shine. You can keep a round or angular pot in the hanging basket, the leather will take shape according to the pot.

    Suvi hanging basket is easy to hang from the brass ring on the window or elsewhere in the home. Also available in natural color .

    Product information

    Material: Finnish vegetable-tanned cowhide
    Color: black
    Size: length without pot 76 cm. The thickness of the leather strap is 2 mm and the width is 1.5 cm. Example: the length of the ampel with a pot with a diameter of 17 cm is 70 cm.

    The story of TR Leather Design and other products

    I have been a craft entrepreneur since 2009, when I founded Verhoomo Elegante. In addition to upholstery work, I did leather work until in 2016 it was separated into its own brand. Read the full story and see other products...


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    Yksinkertaisen kaunis ja toimiva kukka-amppeli.

    Kiitos paljon palautteesta Johanna ♥! Ihana kuulla, että tykkäsit.

    Nahkainen amppeli Suvi, musta

    Tuote on todella laadukas ja täytti kaikki odotukset.

    Aivan ihana kuulla! Kiitos paljon Susanna ♥

    Nahkainen amppeli Suvi

    Amppeli on tyylikäs ja laadultaan erinomainen.

    Ihana kuulla, kiitos paljon palautteesta Susanna ♥!