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Leather flower hanging basket Suvi, black

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Leather ampule Summer, black - Tina's Design House


Stylish black, leather flower ampule with brass rings

Suitable for pots of different sizes and shapes

Finnish vegetable tanned leather

Handmade in Finland, Avainlippu branded product


Tina's Design House's products immediately convey the manufacturer's love for handicrafts and leather processing. The products are always made by hand at the Helsinki workshop from cutting, dyeing and every stitching. As far as possible, the production of products takes into account domestic raw materials, the lowest possible loss of raw materials and the longevity of the end result. Candy on top of the cake Tiina’s talent for a vision of a beautiful leather product that she is also able to realize.

Tina's Design House products have the Key Flag and Design from Finland symbols.

Summer floral ampule in leather, black

Finnish elegant, black-dyed leather goes well with flower pots of different colors and emphasizes the greenery of houseplants.

The material is high quality and durable. The leather straps are narrow enough so the plant has room to grow and shine. You can keep a round or angled pot in the ampoule, the leather will shape according to the pot.

The summer amp is easy to hang from a brass ring on a window or elsewhere in the home. Also available in natural color.

Product information

Material: Finnish vegetable tanned cowhide
Color: black
Size: length without pot 76 cm. The leather strap is 2 mm thick and 1,5 cm wide. Example: The length of an ampoule with a 17 cm diameter pot is 70 cm.


The story of Tina's Design House and other products

I have been a craft entrepreneur since 2009, when I founded Verhoomo Elegante. In addition to upholstery work, I did leather work until in 2016, it was differentiated into its own brand. Tina's Design House ns. the logo dates back to the 80s. Read the full story and see other products ...



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marita K.


Thanks for the feedback Maritta ❤️!

Suvi flower hanging basket

The amp is absolutely wonderful, even more beautiful in nature, luckily I ordered the two of them!

Thank you so much Anneli ♥, absolutely wonderful to hear!

Strong leather and otherwise convenient, but ...

One of the ampoule's leather loops is longer than the others and remains loose and therefore does not contribute to the pot in the ampoule. I don't know if this is intentional.

Thank you very much for your feedback AniPuu ♥. Hopefully the new amp that we delivered was better. Sincerely, Pauliina