ORIGAMI Mini Swan earrings - birch

YO ZEN ORIGAMI Mini Swan earrings - birch


The 'little sister' of original ORIGAMI Swan earring

Beautiful natural shade of birch

Lightweight and comfortable

Designed and ecologically manufactured in Northern Finland


ORIGAMI Mini Swan earrings are made of Finnish birch plywood with laser cutting. Birch has a very beautiful natural shade of it's own, which suits well with many outfits. You might think that wood is a heavy material. Well, you will be very suprised how lightweight and comfortable these beauties are to wear. It's good to know that the shade of wood may vary due to the characteristics of the natural material. The hooks are made of surgical steel which do not darken over time.

ORIGAMI SWAN: In an ancient Japanese legend, the origami swan is considered as a means to make a wish, such as long life or recovery from illness. It is also a symbol of honor and loyalty.


Product details

Material: birch plywood and surgical steel
Size: height 45 mm. Measurement picture available in the gallery.


Taking care

The earrings are packed in a white YO ZEN -jewellery box. We recommend that you store and carry them in this box. When taking the jewellery into use it is good to press the ends of the hook closer to each other. You can also use silicon or metal back parts of the earrings to avoid that they fall off. The wooden parts can be cleaned by gently wiping with a clean stationary eraser.



YO ZEN is a Finnish lifestyle brand founded by designers Paula Kouri and Kate Salminen. Their famous origami jewellery is a great example of the brands vision of urban culture meeting the tranquil simplicity of zen. The timeless design combined with high quality materials results beautiful pieces which you can wear with pride or give as a gift. Have a look at other YO ZEN products and read the full story...