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Finnish gift ORIGAMI Swan necklace - birch

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  • Finnish gift ORIGAMI Swan necklace - birch

    A great domestic Christmas gift idea

    Designed and manufactured in Finland

    Nature's material

    YO ZEN is a brand from Oulu, founded by designers Paula Kouri and Kate Salminen. YO ZENE's jewelry is made in Finland from carefully selected materials and is already sold all over the world. Modern jewelry lasts well over time and represents Finnish design, which can be worn with pride or given as a gift. With these jewelry, you can easily liven up even an everyday outfit, there are options suitable for several outfits in the color and material selection.

    Birch Swan necklace

    This ORIGAMI Swan necklace is made of domestic birch veneer plywood by laser cutting. The 70 cm long chain made of stainless steel does not darken over time.

    According to an old Japanese story, the origami swan is considered a wish-fulfiller, as well as a symbol of honor and loyalty. By wearing this light bird jewelry, you also tell a story and look great.

    Product information

    Material: birch and stainless steel
    Size: Chain length 70cm and jewelry height approx. 60mm

    Care instructions

    The necklace is packed in a white YO ZEN jewelry box. We recommend storing and transporting jewelry in a box. The veneer jewelry part can be cleaned by lightly rubbing with a soft eraser.

    Read YO ZENE's story

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Tellervo H.
    Swan koru

    Olen kauan ihaillut Swan -koruja. Nyt minulla on ihailemani siro klassikko, joka sopii moneen asuun.

    Kiitos paljon Tellervo ❤, aivan ihana kuulla! Swanit ovat todella kauniita koruja.

    Swan kaulakoru

    Ihana, kaunis koru. Kiva ja ilahduttava henkilökohtainen tervehdys tuli lähetyksen mukana.😊

    <p>Kiitos paljon lh ❤! Ihana kuulla, että ilahduit :)

    Sonja V.

    ORIGAMI Swan kaulakoru - pähkinä

    Kiitos paljon Sonja ❤!