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Small shoulder bag - from seat belts

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  • A small shoulder bag made of seat belts by Hookoohoo design

    Stand out from the crowd with a shoulder bag made of seat belts! Turku's Hookoohoo design, or designer Hanna-Kaisa, makes wonderful, stylish and long-lasting bags from discarded car seat belts. What a great recycling!

    All Hookoohoo products are designed and manufactured in Finland and from Finnish materials. The products have been awarded the Key Flag and Design from Finland labels.

    Small shoulder bag 'Pikku-Olka'

    Pikku-Olka made of seat belts is a compact, light and handy bag that can hold the obligatory small items, i.e. phone, keys and wallet. The zipper keeps the items well stored and the adjustable shoulder strap allows the bag to be at the right height.

    This bag lasts, lasts and lasts. The seat belt material is both strong and dirt-repellent. The bag is easy to clean by wiping or rinsing.

    Timeless design, incredible durability, important recycling and cool individuality!

    Unique material

    Valuable recycling

    Designed and manufactured in Finland

    Lifetime warranty

    Product information

    Material: recycled seat belt
    Size: height 18 cm, width 16 cm and depth 4 cm

    Care instructions: The safety belt material repels dirt very well, but it can also be washed in the washing machine if necessary without the material or design being affected.

    The story of hookoohoo design

    On one fateful trip to a car scrap yard, Hanna-Kaisa fell in love with seat belts as a material. Suddenly, even an ordinary, boring, serious and annoying object turned into an exciting possibility. What about all that... Read more about Hookoohoo's story

    Customer Reviews

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    Mainio, laadukas ja huolellisesti valmistettu tuote.

    Mahtava kuulla, kiitos paljon Sanna ❤️!

    Merita K.
    Pieni olkalaukku turvavöistä

    Aivan ihana! Ja juuri sopivan kokoinen!

    Mahtava kuulla, kiitos paljon palautteesta ❤️!

    Marjo H.
    Pieni olkalaukku-turvavöistä.

    Paras laukku ikinä. Laadukkaan tuntuinen ja vallan mainiosti mahtuu tarpeellinen. Hyvä ostos 🙂

    Mahtava kuulla, kiitos paljon Marjo ♥!