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  • Wood panel Saimaannorppa, Erik Bruun

    Wooden board Saimaannorppa, Erik Bruun 30 x 40 cm - Plywood Print

    Artist Erik Bruun's classic work Saimaannorppa from 1974

    A symbol of Finnish nature conservation for years

    Printed on durable domestic birch plywood

    Designed and manufactured in Finland

    In cooperation with the Trees for Future organization, one tree is planted for every wooden board sold ❤

    Plywood Print uses high-quality technology to print photos on Finnish birch plywood, creating wonderful wood panels where the natural tone of the wood and the beautiful patterns of the plywood remain visible. Each painting is therefore a unique work. All boards are made at Plywood Print's studio in Helsinki.

    Saimaan Norpa, Erik Bruun

    Artist Erik Bruun is an internationally known and award-winning Finnish graphic artist, whose beloved nature pictures now also decorate wood panels. Erik Bruun wanted to draw a Saimaa porpoise due to its poor species status in 1974. He went to sketch a picture at the Tampere Aquarium, where a lone porpoise was swimming. Erik says that when he finally showed his nature to the Norpa, it smiled back at him. In this way, the smile of the polecat was recorded in the drawing, even though according to experts, polecats do not smile. Erik's Saimaanorppa work has been the symbol of the Finnish Nature Conservation Association for years ♥

    Product information

    Material: Finnish PEFC & FSC certified birch plywood
    Photo: Saimaannorppa, Erik Bruun
    Size: 30 x 40 cm
    Wood thickness: 1 mm


    • The 1 mm thick wooden board is so light that it can be hung on the wall with tape or framed without glass. The popular wooden hangers also go well with it.

    Care instructions: You can wipe the board with a dry or slightly damp cloth without damaging the colors.

    Plywood Print

    In Helsinki, Plywood Print manufactures wonderful wooden boards from durable domestic birch plywood. Photos are printed on the wooden boards with ink that is resistant to moisture, heat and UV light, which makes the boards long-lasting and of high quality. Read more and see other products...

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    Kirsi V.

    Puutaulu Saimaannorppa, Erik Bruun

    Kiitos paljon arvostelusta Kirsi ♥!

    Henri A.

    Puutaulu Saimaannorppa, Erik Bruun

    Kiitos paljon Henri ♥!

    Marja S.
    Norppa Puutaulu

    Ikoninen Bruun.

    Ihana kuulla, kiitos paljon Marja ♥!