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Laundry vinegar CLS

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Candle Light Story Laundry Vinegar

 For fresher laundry!


Laundry vinegar from the wonderful Candle Light Story from Nurmijärvi is available in six different scents. These vinegars refresh and soften your laundry after each wash. Hand-made laundry vinegars are scented with essential oils or phthalate-free scent oils. Using these laundry vinegars will straighten out when you can turn on the machine again :)

Laundry vinegar scents

  • Magnolia Garden - light and floral
  • Andalusian Lemon - fluffy citrus and juicy
  • Jungle Fruit - fresh fruit
  • Moroccan Mint - fresh and powerful
  • Nordic Air - clean and fresh
  • Provencian Lavender - intoxicating lavender


  • Product information

    Candle Light Story laundry vinegar

    Bottle size: 500 ml
    Plastic bottle and screw cap


  • Magnolia Garden: <10% acetic acid (spirits vinegar), aqua (water), Parfum (phthalate-free fragrance oil).
    Jungle Fruit: <10% acetic acid, aqua, Parfum (phthalate-free fragrance oil).
    Moroccan Mint: <10% acetic acid (vinegar), aqua (water), mentha piperita (peppermint essential oil), eucalyptus globulus leaf (eucalyptus essential oil).
    Nordic Air: <10% acetic acid (spirits vinegar), aqua (water), Parfum (phthalate-free fragrance oil).
    Provencian Lavender: <10% acetic acid (spirits vinegar), aqua (water), Lavandula angustifolia (lavender essential oil), Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary essential oil).
    Andalusian Lemon: <10% acetic acid (spirits vinegar), aqua (water), essential oils of lychee, lime, orange and lemongrass.

  • Candle Light Story by Annina R.

    How did The Candle Light Story get started?

    I wanted to do and create something beautiful with my hands. I have always dreamed of a career as a creative craftsman. Soybean wax became a little coincidental to me through instagram. The more I got to know it, the more I got excited about it. In making candles as a whole, I have been able to realize myself and I really enjoy this.

    Where are your lovely soy wax candles made?

    I make candles at my home workshop in Nurmijärvi.

    What makes your candles unique?

    This may sound cliché, but I make candles with great love. I really enjoy every moment of this job. I have designed and manufactured everything myself from the beginning. This is like my child who has already grown up a bit now and I am really proud of what I have accomplished. The scents are not traditional, for many the scented candles come to mind with a pungent smell and a headache. The high-quality ingredients and gentle scent of my candles, on the other hand, bring a little luxury to everyday life, and these scented candles are really a pleasure to burn. And a certain wooden heart also brings with it the atmosphere of a fireplace when it crackles quietly when the candle burns.

    Where do the new scents come from?

    The scents go partly according to the seasons. But I also want to evoke memories in people with scents. Essentials scents, for example, come from my own memories. The strongest scent of memory takes me on my first trip abroad under school age. We were in Morocco at the time. My strongest memory on the trip is related to the steaming hot mint tea offered from the narrow and tall glasses. The smell was intoxicating. Whenever that scent comes across, I am reminded of the memory of that exciting journey.

    What has been the best thing about customer feedback?

    The best feedback about candles is when you see the enthusiasm in the customer’s eyes when they come excited to tell you that they have rediscovered the scented candles with my candles. Even those who are sensitive to odor and asthmatics have been able to burn these. Soy wax burns cleaner than traditional candles and the scents are high quality, so it greatly affects the burning experience.

    Thank you Annina for these great products!





Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sirkka P.
Magnolia garden

My favorite is the Magnolia Garden laundry vinegar.

Thank you Sirkka ♥, wonderful to hear!

Anne P.
Fresh laundry vinegar 😍

Wonderfully fresh laundry vinegar. It nicely refreshes the laundry and cleans the washing machine. I also like that the detergent doesn’t smell in the laundry when you use laundry vinegar. A higher quality product than regular food store laundry vinegars.

Absolutely wonderful to hear, thanks a lot Anne ♥! We also have these Candle Light Story laundry vinegars at home and they are really fresh.

Helena L.

Laundry vinegar CLS

Thank you Helena ♥!