Design by KIETO

Red Cheeks wooden earrings

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Design by KIETO, Red Cheeks wooden earrings


Good mood and flower power

Real eye-cathers

Natural, lightweight material

Designed and ecologically manufactured in Karelia, Finland


Red Cheeks wooden earrings are part of the new jewellery collection of Design by KIETO which instantly became a hit in Finland after it's launch in 2018. The earrings are made of laser cut Finnish PEFC- and FSC-certificated birch plywood. The image is created with ecological yet long-lasting paints. All metal parts of the earrings are made of stainless steel (304).

Designer Annika says that Design by KIETO earrings are lightweight, ecological, joyful ja unique like we people are, "You should show your good mood and let other people enjoy it too".


Red Cheeks dangling earrings

Material: birch plywood and stainless steel
Size: height 8 cm, width 5,5 cm
Background colour: same as front
Silicone stoppers are included


Taking care

Please avoid contact with water and store the earrings away from direct sunlight.


Design by KIETO

The couple, Annika and Tuomo Hiltunen from North Karelia, Finland, are behind these colourful and playful earrings made of Finnish birch. Annika creates beautiful illustrations, which are then printed on the wooden earrings. Have a look at other Design by KIETO products and read the full story...