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    Aurora tea towel, blue

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  • Sagalaga Design Aurora tea towel, blue

    Sagalaga Design is a Finnish brand that gets its inspiration from the rugged beauty of northern nature. The products are born from the passion of designer Satu Enstedt to create high-quality, domestic products for everyday life, whose design language combines graphics and elements inspired by nature.

    AURORA tea towel

    Nature sleeps in silence. The crunch of snow under the steps and the blazing sky as a roof.

    The REVONTULI pattern is inspired by the long and dark winter nights, when the northern lights show you the way home. Create a graphic and Scandinavian atmosphere in your home with high-quality and beautiful kitchen towels.

    Linen & cotton

    Designed and manufactured in Finland

    Product information

    Color: Blue
    Material: 50% linen, 50% cotton
    Size: 65cm x 45cm
    May shrink approx. 5% in the first wash

    Sagalaga Design's story

    Sagalaga Design is a combination of the words ´Saga´ and ´laga´. The name was born from designer Satu Enstedt's childhood nickname ´Saga´, which means story and narrative. Satu also works as a designer and artist... Read more

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