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Brown leather purse with card pocket

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  • Brown domestic leather purse with card pocket - deer leather

    The soft, classically beautiful leather products made by Miikko are made of genuine leather deer from the Nordic forests. Through deer hunting regulated by law, durable leather is obtained that would otherwise end up as waste. The deerskin used in this purse and the purse itself are manufactured responsibly in Finland.

    The deer skin is incredibly soft and a small cash and cards in its own side pocket runs conveniently in the purse.


    Genuine deerskin

    Suitable for all situations

    Beautiful, simplified design

    Made in Finland



    Product details:

    • Brown leather purse
    • Size 12 cm x 7,5 cm
    • 100% deer leather
    • designed and manufactured in Finland

    The purse is available in several colors.


    My story

    Miiko designs and manufactures wonderful Finnish products using soft deer leather, durable birch plywood and high-quality wool as materials. The selection includes deerskin bags and purses, kitchen and home furnishings and paper products. Under the leadership of designer Sanna Paak, nature-inspired, style-clean products are created, which are manufactured entirely in Finland. Sanna's beautiful and insightful design has been appreciated e.g. In the Italian A'Design Award and Competition, where the Väre pillow was awarded in 2016.

    Miikko's founder Sanna is from a family that has had entrepreneurs for several generations. Sanna's grandfather and father have worked as shoe retailers, so leather is a natural material for Sanna's work as well. Sanna's mother's side comes again with artistry and creativity. When the two skills were combined, Miiko was born. Today, Miiko also employs Sanna's four siblings, and with this strength and determination of the siblings, Miiko is taken forward from Tuusula.

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    Heini T.

    Brown leather purse with card pocket

    Thank you very much Heini ❤!