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Radius wooden earrings

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  • Valona design Säde wooden earrings - 3 rings

    "Birch, green and black, they beautifully flank the face"

    3 different colored birch rings in light metal chains

    Made in Helsinki using the Zero Waste principle

    Valona design studio, founded by Helsinki-based designer Elina Mäntylä, makes wonderful wooden jewelry by laser cutting birch plywood. Domestic birch plywood is a fine and light natural material. Laser cutting technology gives wooden jewelry a beautiful, distinctive dark edge. Each piece of jewelry is painted and assembled by hand in a workshop in Helsinki. The deep color of the jewelry is created with a dyeing technique developed by Elina, which simultaneously leaves the living surface of the wood visible.

    Radius 3 earrings

    Säde earrings are new for 2020. These light earrings hang from three birch plywood rings on nickel-free metal chains. The earring hooks are silver. It comes with silicone plugs, which are recommended for use with jewelry.

    Säde jewelry is created using the Zero Waste principle, as Valona's other ring jewelry series are made from the inside and outside of birch plywood rings.

    Product information

    Material: Birch plywood, nickel-free metal chain and silver hooks
    Size: height 7.7 cm without hook
    Color: Wood, green and black

    Valona's design products have received great feedback in Finland in recent years, read more...

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