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Lap stand for laptop, black


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  • LapLay Original lap top, black

    Domestic lap-level ergonomics for remote work and hobbies

    Handmade lap tray for laptop and tablet Annalan Kirkonmenot, black fabric

    Very user-friendly design, three different sizes

    Designed and manufactured in Finland

    LapLay, developed by Heidi Pesonen, is a durable and multipurpose lap surface for laptops and tablets. The hard surface of the lap surface is made of wooden plywood, and the soft cushion of the lower part is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly Styrox grit. The hard upper surface makes it easy to use a laptop, and the soft lower part molds well to the base, for example over the thighs. The lap tops are upholstered with durable upholstery fabrics from the domestic Annala weaving. There is a rib at the end of the lap surface from which the pillow can be hung on a hook when it is not in use.

    LapLay products have been granted utility model protection in 2011 and 2017. LapLay Original lap tops are manufactured by Verhoomo Lumonia in Kempele.

    LapLay Original lap sizes:

    S size (35 cm × 30 cm) , fits conveniently in a backpack or on a trip

    M size (45 cm x 37 cm) , suitable for e.g. for narrower armchairs

    L size (53 cm x 37 cm) , enough space for a laptop and separate mouse

    Product information

    Colors: Black (Annala Kirkonmenot fabric)
    Size: S, M or L
    Material: wooden plywood, styrox grit and upholstery fabric
    Delivery: LapLay lap tops are delivered directly from the manufacturer Verhoomo Lumonia in Kempele
    Warranty: The LapLay product has a 1-year functional warranty


    Heidi Pesonen developed the LapLay lap stand in 2011 after noticing how a laptop on her lap makes her legs uncomfortably hot. While filling sauna pillows, he found that they would make an excellent lap top for a laptop... Read more

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