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Tommy Tabermann Love and Happiness cutting board

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  • Tommy Tabermann Love and Happiness cutting board, Muurla

    Has anything ever been so great
    fit in such a small squeeze"
    Tommy Tabermann

    That's the luck, not for a moment
    look behind and not ahead"
    Tommy Tabermann

    The beloved poet's delicate poems Rakkaus and Onni are beautifully presented in the kitchen and table settings

    On a fair-sized cutting board, different poems and coloring on both sides

    Durable domestic birch plywood

    Also wonderful as a serving tray

    Responsibly made by hand in Finland

    A delicate atmosphere for the kitchen and cutlery. The practical cutting board is also beautiful in the interior as a serving tray. The cutting board is double-sided. One side is pink in tone and the other side is grey. You can choose the appropriate side to use according to the mood.

    Muurla's machine-washable birch veneer products have a thin matte melamine coating, which makes the products food-safe and easy to clean.

    Product information:

    • Cutting board/serving tray: Tommy Tabermann Love and Happiness
    • Size 25 x 32 cm
    • birch plywood, matte melamine coating
    • designed and manufactured in Finland
    • Care instructions: withstands machine washing


    Founded in 1974, Muurla has developed from a glass factory at that time into today's modern design house. Muurla's roots are in the Finnish countryside... Read more and see more products

    Customer Reviews

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    Tuula D.

    Tommy Tabermann Rakkaus ja Onni leikkuulauta

    Kiitos paljon arvostelusta Tuula ♥ Harmi, että tuote ei enempää vastannut toiveita.