Ester Visual

Twinflower tray

Ester Visual, Twinflower tray - birch plywood


Stunning watercolour painting of beautiful twinflowers by artist Elisa Ahonen

Unique wildlife art from the Arctic Circle in your kitchen

Durable, melamine coated birch plywood

Designed and ecologically manufactured in Finland


Beloved twinflowers are a treasure of our nothern nature. This unique watercolour painting has been printed on melamine coated certificated Finnish birch plywood. The tray is light, durable and it has a fine surface, which is easy to keep clean.

The Twinflower tray is perfect for all kinds of table settings. You can serve cakes, pies and little delicacies. The print has been designed to cover the areas near the edges so that they are not just white when the tray is filled.


Product details

Material: melamine coated birch plywood
Sizes: diameter 35 cm
Designed and manufactured in Finland


Taking care

Hand wash only. The plywood on the edges can absorb water, so don´t let the tray soak in water for long. Do not set the tray in a microwave.


Ester Visual

Ester Visual comes from the Arctic Circle. Founder, Master of Art, Elisa Ahonen is inspired by the beautiful Nordic environment and the unique imprint watercolour leaves on paper. Have a look at other Ester Visual products and read the full story...