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  • Small V glass table - birch


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  • Maarit Maria small V glass table - birch color

    A wonderful domestic table with a glass surface and birch plywood legs

    Suitable as a side table, coffee table or bedside table

    Easy to assemble and disassemble from ready-made pieces without tools

    Habitare 2019 start-up product

    In the furniture designed by the artisan carpenter Maarit Hirvaskoski, ecology is an uncompromising part of the design, and the visual appearance is the determining factor of everything. " I think that a form that is visually balanced and at the same time interesting enough can be found, although sometimes it can take a painfully long time. If you agree to be patient enough, you will reach the moment when you find what you have been looking for ."

    The Maarit Maria brand started when Maarit wanted to create a piece of furniture that would be easy to assemble and disassemble. Finnish birch plywood was naturally chosen as the material for the V and K tables because of its ecology and beauty. The tables are completely manufactured in Finland, right down to the packaging. They are transported in flat packages and are recyclable. Assembling the tables is possible without the first tool, because the parts can be snapped into place.

    Size 50 x 50 x 51 cm

    The color options are black, white and birch

    Product information

    Color: Birch-colored (also available in black and white)
    Material: domestic coated birch plywood and tempered optiwhite glass
    Width: 50 cm
    Height: 51 cm
    Depth: 50 cm
    Weight: 7.5 kg


    The product is delivered directly from the manufacturer with Matkahuolto home delivery. The general delivery time is about 1 week. We try to inform you in advance about a longer delivery time (e.g. if the product runs out of stock).

    The story of Maarit Maria

    Maarit Maria is a brand founded by artisan carpenter Maarit Hirvaskoski, which designs and manufactures Finnish furniture with ecology and visuality in mind. Maarit Maria's V and K tables were presented at Habitare 2019. Read more...

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