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What is salt soap?

December 20, 2018 2 min

Salt soaps soothe the skin

We took salt soaps for sale in the summer, perhaps half-accidentally, when we wanted our range of hand-made natural soaps anyway. We didn’t know much about the effects of salt soap in advance. From the selection of Soap & Balsam, we chose Kirsi with guidance Rose salt soap, Mineral salt soap ja Aloe Vera sea salt soap.

Salt soaps and natural soaps Soap & Balsam

It took a while and my neighbor happened to ask in the fall if we had salt soap for sale. I then told him what to find and he was excited to give it a try. My neighbor has had good experiences in the past with the balancing, moisturizing effect of salt soap. Especially in winter, when the skin dries out of the frost and the moisturizer is used daily.

My neighbor chose Mineral Salt Soap, especially for sensitive skin, and after a couple of showers, he said, "This is a particularly good product!" I remembered how the skin dries out in the winter itself and sometimes it feels like the moisturizer is no longer helping (I guess the little problems brought on by age). I immediately got excited to try Aloe Vera sea salt soap.

Aloe vera salt soap

The first positive note was that this piece of soap is incredibly solid in use. The skin is easily saponified, but the piece remains firm and the soap does not come off on a wet surface at all. Another observation was that for a moment, now the skin is really clean. Is it Palmolive shower soap half water when it doesn’t get the skin nearly as clean. Third note over time, a bar of soap is more plentiful than I imagined. Fourth and most important consideration, the skin doesn’t really dry out as much as with regular soap. Moisturizer is now low.

 Aloe vera salt soap

It seems to be that at a young age it can be endured with ‘cheap’ products from the cosmetics industry and junk food from a fast food restaurant. With age, the body begins to react, in these cases the skin and abdomen, and then at the latest you are forced to start making better choices.

The trick to salt soap lies in the fact that the salt disinfects, treats, exfoliates and helps the skin to moisturize itself, naturally. When you add all the natural glycerin that is in Soap & Balsam soaps, you get a great natural product.

Luckily we came across Kirsi’s handmade salt soaps and luckily I have neighbors giving good tips. Now there is one less problem, namely that the winter dry skin dilemma has been solved.

I recommend you give it a try, Pauliina


Ps. More information on ingredients, etc. can be found in the product descriptions of our soaps.


 See the Soap & Balsam soap range




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