YO ZEN is a lifestyle brand founded by designers Paula Kouri and Kate Salminen. YO ZEN jewellery is modern, but not tied to a trend and therefore always up-to-date. YO ZEN's graphic world is inspired by Finnish nature combined with new design inspirations from the world. All their jewellery is hand made at the YO ZEN studio in Oulu, Northern Finland, which guarantees high quality for every piece of jewellery.

Sustainable consumption is important for YO ZEN. They consider this in design, material selection and production, as well as by collaborations. YO ZEN also wants to support Finland and it's local people, so they prefer to work together with Finnish companies.


Hi ladies, where does the name YO ZEN come from?

YO ZEN combines urban street culture (YO) and restrained elegance (ZEN). When pronouncing, YO ZEN sounds like swan for us Finns. Swan is the national bird of Finland and has a special place in the hearts of the company founders and designers Kate Salminen and Paula Kouri.

The first chapters of YO ZEN's story was written on a frosty day in January 2010. Paula and Kate, who worked as architects, saw from their workplace window a lonely swan wondering around at frozen Oulujoki. The friends decided to take care of this injured swan and feed it over the winter. When spring came, the swan strengthened and rose to the air on a sunny morning. This survival story left behind a beautiful memory and a name for the newly born form - the origami swan.


The longevity of products is important for you. How do you consider this when choosing the materials for your jewellery and home accessories?

The jewellery is mainly made of acrylic (PMMA); this is durable thermoplastic, high quality plywood and steel. We want the jewellery to last for long time and therefore we favour strong materials. Metal parts used in the necklaces are stainless steel  and in earrings, they are surgical steel. Thus, the metal parts do not darken over time and are durable.

It is good to store the jewellery in the original box so that it is safe from bumps and fractures. Jewellery can also be maintained to keep it beautiful. You can clean the acrylic jewellery with a mild soap water. The wooden jewellery can be gently wiped with a clean rubber.


Which message do you want to spread with your jewellery? Which message do you like to tell with your...

With our jewellery, you can easily bring a little twist to your everyday life. Of course, our jewellery is also perfect for festivities. YO ZEN jewellery represents Finnish design that you can wear with pride or give to your friend as a great gift.