Miiko designs and manufactures fabulous Finnish products using soft elk leather, durable birch plywood and high quality wool. Their selection includes elk leather bags and purses, kitchen and interior items and paper products. Nature is the inspiration for Miiko's designer Sanna Paakki. All products are made in Finland. Sanna's beautiful and insightful design has been valued among other byItaly's A'Design Award and Competition design competition, where the Väre pillow was awarded in 2016.

Sanna's family has been entrepreneurs for several generations. Her gramps and father have been shoe makers, so leather is a natural material for Sanna to work on. Artistical skills and creativity come from Sanna's mother side. When these two skills were combined, Miiko was born. Today, Miiko also employs Sanna's three sisters. With this women power Miiko is always heading for new challenges.

The soft, classically beautiful handbags and purses made by Miiko are manufactured from Northern woods elkleather. Through the regulated elk hunting the leather is a by-product that would otherwise become waste. This natural material is durable and very unique from Finnish forests. The products are responsibly manufactured with Finnish expertise.