Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts

Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts' studio is located in Eastern Finland. The studio upholds domestic know-how and handicraft. Birch and enamel have been chocen to materials, which are processed with own handicraft tehcnique.


How and where did the Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts story begin?

Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts was born almost 20 years ago from great enthusiasm for product design and enamelling as a handcraft technique. Enamel is a glass-ceramic material that challenges the handcrafter; I have always thought that every enamel colour has its own character. You need to know how to process them together and separately. Enameling is a technology that has been used over thousands years, and there are not many experts for it in Finland. That's why the enamel detail gives our products an unique look.

To whom do You design Your beautiful products?

I design our products to last time and use. Our products always have a story to identify with. Finnish nature inspires me and I simplify its forms to lasting classic. The Kasvio jewellery serie got the idea from plant books that schoolchildren in the past collected on their summer holidays; the meadow flowers were picked and dried into beautiful books.


Which values are important for You in design and production?

I design our products for people who value domestic products and Finnish design and manufacturing skills. They see responsible manufacturing and ecology as today's and future values. They do not buy goods because of buying, but because they see a story that affects themselves.


In 2017 You got the Key Flag Symbol, Design from Finland mark and D.O.Saimaa origin mark. How important are these honour marks for You?

The honour marks given to our production and operations tell the consumer about our values and make them visible.