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The Finland Shop customer reviews

We are happy if our customers give us reviews of the products they have purchased. It is really important for us to hear whether the customer is satisfied or dissatisfied with the product they have purchased or how our service has worked. Positive feedback brightens the day and negative ones happen a bit, but you learn from both.

With these reviews, we can develop our business in the right direction, which is an eternal process. The truth is heard through the mouth of the customer.

Thanks to all those who provided feedback ❤

T. Johanna & Pauliina


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Irja was happy and surprised to receive a gift card in the mail. Today is a special day!

Great to hear, thank you very much for the feedback ♥!

OUTLET: Soy wax candle, wooden heart

OUTLET: Soy wax candle, wooden heart

Thank you very much Hiker ♥!

Foxtail poster
Virve L.
Foxtail poster

Beautiful, fits my home perfectly. I would have liked that wood as a board, but it wasn't. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the poster. That's really good.

Very nice to hear, thank you Virve ♥! Actually, Kutunhäntä isn't available as a wood panel yet, maybe sometime in the future. It's great that the poster was a pleasant surprise!

Sauna meter Stone, black

I bought a backyard sauna for our son's family as a Christmas present and the recipients seemed to like it.

Great, great to hear ♥ Thank you so much! It's always nice to hear that the recipient is satisfied.

Rowan wooden necklace orange

Otherwise, the jewelry is pleasant, but the color should have been more orange like in the picture, now more yellow.

Thank you for the feedback Sirpa ♥, we are checking the product images so that we can better match the right tone of the jewelry.

Toiletry bag with seat belts

I ordered a toiletry bag for my husband as a Christmas gift and it was nice, the reuse of seat belts is also a nice idea.

Great to hear, thank you very much Sirpa ♥!

Beautiful Kaari necklace

The jewelry was as beautiful as I imagined based on the picture. The chain could have been lighter or silver colored. It's probably because of the material, that color.

Thank you very much Jaana ♥, it's great to hear that you like Kaari jewelry! Thank you for the good feedback regarding the color of the chain. Let's keep in mind for the future.

Wooden board Dancer, drawing

Thank you very much Merja ♥!


Really nice boards.

Thank you so much Marbella ♥, great to hear!

Louhi wool felt
Sirpa S.
Louhi wool felt

Beautiful color. Obviously high quality weaving. The recipient of the gift thinks it is also really warm!🤗

Great to hear that you liked the blanket! Thank you very much Sirpa ♥

Christmas tree

Simply beautiful ❣️

Great to hear, thank you very much Jaana ♥!

Moomin cutting board

A really great gift for a person who has everything and small spaces. The cutting board can also be used for serving!

That's great to hear! Thank you very much Kaija ♥

Sakura necklace
Taavi P.

Really beautiful.

Thank you very much Taavi ♥

The post should have been: k-shop Tenholantie would have made it easier.

Thanks for the feedback Leila ♥ The Alepa automatic was selected/saved in the order, so we didn't know to change it. It's good that you were able to pick up the package.

Great wooden boards

Lynx and Käpy bought as a gift. The recipients of the gift were really happy with their beautiful paintings made on wood.

Really great to hear, thank you very much for the feedback Taina ♥!

Tussock Cottongrass bread plate

Thank you very much Mika ♥!

Rowan shoulder bag - black
Katarina J.

I bought this for my mother as a Christmas present because she has been wanting a new bag for a long time and she only buys domestically. He fell in love with the bag very much. It was also wonderful to have a bag with you if you ever want to sell it, for example (although I don't believe this, the bag was so desired and expected). Fast delivery is a plus. Have a nice start to the new year.

Thank you very much Katarina ♥ This was absolutely wonderful to hear! A really good start to the new year to you and your mother!

Tommy Tabermann Love and Happiness cutting board

Thank you very much for the review Tuula ♥ Too bad the product didn't meet your expectations.

Cat bell wooden earrings - white

Thank you very much Eija ♥!

Kupilka Kuksa Moomin 21

Thank you very much Terho ♥!

Wonderful! The smell of autumn is created while looking at the board 😊

Thank you very much Kirsi ♥ Great to hear that you like the board!


Bought as a Christmas present, the recipients liked it a lot 🧡

Great to hear, thank you very much Taina ♥!

Potholder Owl
Mimmi R.

Absolutely wonderful product 🥰

Great to hear, thank you so much Mimmi ♥!

Ester Visual Wall Calendar 2023
Katri K.
Lovely watercolor illustration

A wonderful wall calendar!

Thank you very much Katri, it's great to hear that ♥!

Birch crystal Stars

A stylish arrangement on the table together with Latvatähti.

Great to hear, thank you so much Heli ♥!