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The Finland Shop customer reviews

We are happy if our customers give us reviews of the products they have purchased. It is really important for us to hear whether the customer is satisfied or dissatisfied with the product they have purchased or how our service has worked. Positive feedback brightens the day and negative ones happen a bit, but you learn from both.

With these reviews, we can develop our business in the right direction, which is an eternal process. The truth is heard through the mouth of the customer.

Thanks to all those who provided feedback ❤

T. Johanna & Pauliina


Based on 983 reviews
A simply stunning wall clock!

I bought a black and white version of the wall clock, one for the kitchen and one for the living room. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. A high-quality, attractive, domestically made interior element that smells like real woodwork.

Great to hear Joel, thank you so much for this feedback ♥!

Wooden board Sea Eagle, Erik Bruun

Great board.

Thank you Marja, great to hear ♥!

Cliff poster

Sturdy cardboard and neat print. The frame is without glass and stays nicely without bulging

Great to hear, thank you so much Henni ♥!

I got the idea from my friend. It's good that there is an online store only for Finnish products🙂

Thank you very much for the wonderful feedback Sirkku ♥!

Bear board

I've had it framed by a professional and I can say that the board doesn't get any better. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Great to hear, thank you very much Pirjo ♥!

I like the boards I bought. They are as I ordered. Erik Bruun was/is a good artist, but the good functionality of your online store has nothing to do with THAT. Delivery in your online store worked well. Please stop bothering me with your repeated good-review-begging-e-mails.

Thank you very much for your feedback Mari ♥ and we apologize that the review emails have been disturbing. This will not happen in the future.

Pine cone

I like this board very much.

Great to hear, thank you very much Marja ♥!

I like the white-tailed eagle painting, the color of the bird, the details and the background.

Great to hear, thank you very much Marja-Hannele ♥!

Day butterfly wooden earrings

Really beautiful and light earrings, my new favorites! But unfortunately I already lost the second one at work, it was so light that I didn't notice its absence right away. Maybe you should put a plastic pin in the earring. Maybe I'll buy new ones at some point.

Thank you very much Tuulikki ♥! It's great to hear that they are the favorites, but it's a shame that the other one has already lost.

Tube scarf

It should be a little longer. Now there is a bare area between the neckline of the scarf and the blouse.

Thank you very much for your feedback Anne-Maj, we will take this into account ♥!

Stylish ones

Thank you very much for the feedback Jukka ♥!

Dart wall clock

It's great and others like it too👌

Thank you very much for the feedback Seija ♥, great to hear!

Powerful earrings - pink

Thank you very much Helena ♥!

Shell earrings - rose gold

Thank you very much Sanna ♥!

Wooden board Norppa, Erik Bruun

Thank you very much Airi ♥!


More lovely than I imagined. I ran out of black ones and I was a bit shy about the blue bag, but it's perfect. The leather is so soft and a really good size.

Great to hear Marjo, thank you very much ♥! It's great that you chose the beautiful blue Hipa and it met your expectations.

Beautiful and light

Beautiful and comfortable earrings. They complement the necklace, a great whole together. :)

Great to hear, thank you very much Johanna ♥!

Fox wooden board

Wonderful painting

Great to hear, thank you very much Marja ♥!

Beautiful and slim

Huuhkaja is beautiful and impressive to look at, the wood material is fine but rather thin. It starts to warp easily, especially if the humidity and temperature vary. I took it to be framed and the person there tries to fit the work as tightly as possible into the frame to prevent buckling. Looked at the place in the villa and it's going to be amazing in any case!

Thank you very much for your feedback Miia ♥, it's great to hear that Huuhkaja gets to the villa! It's good that you take temperature fluctuations into account and the board gets a tight frame.

Dart wall clock


Great to hear, thank you very much Anja ♥!

Lily shoulder bag

Hello, the Lilja bag is absolutely wonderful, beautiful, the right size and especially made with such high quality that I am very satisfied, thank you!

Oh, how wonderful to hear, thank you very much for the feedback Liisa ♥!



Great to hear, thank you very much Aire ♥!


An atmospheric and beautiful forest landscape

Great to hear, thank you so much Mia ♥!

Stylish sauna meter

A very stylish and modern sauna meter.

Great to hear, thank you very much Sari ♥!

Shell Necklace - rose gold

Thank you very much Sanna ♥!