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    Welcome to The Finland Shop!

    We want to support Finnish know-how and small-scale production, and that's why we founded The Finland Shop online store. In our store, we offer you a unique selection of products from newer Finnish manufacturers. With us, you can make unique domestic design discoveries that emphasize Finnish craftsmanship and tradition. Welcome to our selection. We are very happy to serve you!

    The Finland Shop Oy

    Our story

    The story of The Finland Shop began when, in the fall of 2017, we accidentally bought a bag from the same domestic manufacturer without knowing each other. We were both surprised that we hadn't heard of this domestic brand before. The owner couple regretted that they had not had time to invest in the online store, and therefore the product had only been visible at individual events.

    This is where our idea started to grow. We stated that there are many really great products in Finland:

    • first-class quality, often handmade
    • durability from the best natural materials
    • beautiful and stylish products, the design of which is often inspired by the northern nature and seasons

    These domestic products are not always available to the general public online, and this is where we want to help. We ourselves have experience in marketing, international business and online shopping.

    The Finland Shop

    "Quality – durability – natural beauty. These are made domestically, the best product in the world. That's what we believe"

    The item should last a while. It must be produced in good conditions. Raw materials and materials must be ecological. When the beauty inspired by northern nature is added to these ingredients, a high-quality domestic product is created.

    We want to support the sustainable development of the earth, even one purchase made with thought is a step in the right direction. There are already many of us who share these same values, and this shop was created for us as well: you, me and my neighbor Elsa.

    Key ticket

    In October 2018, we were awarded the Suomalainen Työ Liito's Key flag as proof of Finnish work. We think it's great to be among other companies communicating important Finnish values.

    We hope that our store will make it easier to find domestically produced products and that these great products will find happy owners from outside Finland as well.

    Thanks to all the great Finnish designers and manufacturers that we get to enjoy this selection.

    Johanna and Pauliina

    The Finland Shop

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