Ester Visual

Elisa, You make beautiful animal portraits at the Arctic Circle. How did the story of Ester Visual begin?

The story of the products began by a brown hare photo which I saw. I got a strong feeling that these brown ears needed to be painted, and specifically with water colour. In my mind I developed a style to combine realism and powerful painting in an animal portrait. A series of animal images soon grew to be the core of a growing range of interior decoration products.


Tell us about the style of Ester Visual and how portraits come into being?

The characteristic style of Ester Visual was developed around the most beautiful features of water colours. In my mind I had the desire to see all small details created by water and color. I paint the pictures in a relatively small size, and then they are scaled up to posters.

In addition to artistic targets, I wanted to create paintings suitable for Scandinavian interior design. At the same time, I am trying to paint in a simplified but abundant and realistic but picturesque way.

I always work on a basis of dozens of photos, and try to look at them to get an overall impression of my subject. For me it is important that the species is recognizable in my painting, even though I interpret colours in my own way. When I walk outside, I try to identify all plants I see. My husband is a hunter and he teaches me to identify animal species. Identifying species is important for me and my relationship to nature. It brings meaning to life in some way.


Which values are important for Ester Visual?

Responsibility is important. Ecology and human well-being is important when we choose the manufacturers and materials for our products. Currently all our products are produced in Finland and Finland is always the first choice when we look for a new manufacturer. I am also happy whenever I can support the northern Finnish work. We consider environmental issues also in product packaging and shipments. We use plastic only if we don't find any other option. Responsibility is something that really needs to be kept always in mind. It can be improved also step by step.

Thank you for your story Elisa! ❤