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    Liito hanger

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  • Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts Liito hanger, wall hook

    A wonderful, homely, flying bird styled coat rack for the hallway, bedroom, bathroom, study... only your imagination is the limit! The Liito hanger is beautiful on its own or stunning in a flock. The Liito hanger is made of strong steel and its powder-coated surface does not rust, so it is also great for wet rooms.

    "The bird symbolizes freedom. Freedom to come and go. To be on the way and to stop. The hanger is where you temporarily put your clothes at home. During a visit or until you change into a new outfit. That's why it seemed like a funny idea to temporarily hang our clothes on strong wings to rest while connecting with the place and the moment to another." - Pauliina Rundgren

    In the Liito hanger, the matte powder-coated steel surface meets the shiny enamel surface of the cover plate, forming an interesting contrast. The cover plate covers the screws of the hanger, so the end result is really neat. The product has the Vainlippu and Design from Finland labels.

    The Liito hanger is attached to the wooden wall with just screws. Plugs are also used for plasterboard or stone walls. This way you get a strong attachment that can withstand several tens of kilos on wood and stone walls and around 5 kilos per hanger on plasterboard walls. Screws and plugs come with the package. Fixing to the tile is done with a nice double-sided sticker, which also comes with the package. The adhesive attachment enables the hanger to be attached to a smooth tiled surface without drilling.

    Product information

    Color: Black, white or pink
    Material: Powder-coated steel and enamel
    Size: Width 11 cm, height 6.3 cm, depth 4.7 cm

    Pauliina Rundgren Handigrafts story

    The studio of Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts, which has been awarded many times for Finnish design, is located in Kenkävero, Mikkeli. The studio nurtures domestic know-how and craftsmanship. Read more...

    Alin hinta viim. 30 päivää: $45.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Henri K.

    Liito ripustin

    Kiitos paljon arvostelusta Henri ♥!

    Suosittelen heille, jotka haluavat palan luonnon kauneutta kotiinsa!

    Kaunis, tukeva ja helppo asentaa

    Aivan ihana kuulla, kiitos paljon palautteesta Linda ♥!

    R. H.
    Ihanat liito ripustimet

    Ajattelin että ovat liian isot, mutta yllätyin iloisesti avattuani paketit. Juuri sopivan kokoiset ja niin upeat kuin lokit lennossa. Kiitos taiteilijalle.

    Aivan mahtava kuulla, kiitos paljon R.H. ♥!