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Domestic interior decorations at the housing fair

August 22, 2022 2 min

Housing fair domestic decoration tiles

Housing fairs are held in changing locations across Finland almost every year. The purpose of the fair is to inspire people by giving examples of construction and solutions for living. They want to promote good living. The beginning of the housing fair focused on single-family houses and their architecture. Last years' Housing Fair has focused on sustainable construction and living. Ideas for interior design, energy saving, different forms of living, vegetable gardens and yard areas have also become a large part of the fair.


Housing fair in Naantali 2022

At the Naantali Housing Fair, the surrounding nature has been wonderfully taken into account in the realization of the objects. Naturalness is popular in construction and interior design, but materials have been boldly combined.

Item 7 of Hirsi-Kastelli's Aisti house can be found in wonderful details Tikka wall clock, Luoto shelf ja Connect the hangers. Tikka, Luoto and Liito wonderfully bring nature into the interior of the home, and in them materials play a big role. They are a unique and insightful design by Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts.

Dart wall clock

Housing fair 2022 Tikka wall clock

In Tikka wall clocks, the natural texture of the wood makes each clock unique. The enameled decorative tile on the dart's wing and the birch plywood on the dial are precisely this bold combination of materials. At the Tikka housing fair, the wall clock has found its place in the kitchen.

Tikka wall clock >>

Credit shelf

Luoto shelf Housing Fair tiles

The unique design of the Luoto shelf is perfect for the maritime nature of the Asuntomessu area. Luoto's design is inspired by Saimaa's rocky and broken coastline. This shelf has also boldly combined materials: steel, wood and enamel decorative tiles. At the housing fair destination Luoto, the shelf functions as a bedside table.

Create a shelf >>

Connect the hangers

Housing fair Liito hanger

Liito hangers stylize flying birds. They meet the matte powder-coated steel surface and the shiny enamel surface of the cover plate, which together form an interesting contrast. A fascinating flock of birds has been designed from the leads in the foyer of the housing fair.

Connect hangers >>

 Vare decorative pillow

In item 3 Honka Haiku, you can find the Väre pillow as a detail in the interior. The fabric combines warm 100% wool and soft leather, as well as insightful coarse stitching. This decorative pillow also plays with natural materials and design.

Housing fair Naantali 2022 Vare pillow

Item 3 Honka Haiku, photographer: Riikka Isotalo, Asuntomessut

Vare decorative pillow >>


Muurla Kantaja split and leaf basket

In item 29 Koti Neulanen, the interior of the living room is finished with a Kantaja split stand. Magazines, sweaters and other living room necessities can also be easily stored in the carrier. The natural surface of the wood and the unique design are the specialty of Kantaja.

Housing fair Naantali 2022 Carrier split rack

 Item 29 Koti Neulanen, Photographer: Riikka Isotalo, Asuntomessut

Muurla Kantaja split and leaf basket >>


Housing fair in Tuusula 2020

Tuusula Housing Fair 2020 was realized with the theme of future village town. The area is a successful entity and the sites are interesting and versatile. Miiko's natural and durable interior decoration products were involved in finishing many houses and apartments.

It was an absolute favorite Vare decorative pillow, which was found in several objects.

Vare leather pillow, black / brown

Vare pillow, housing fair TuusulaTuusula house As Oy Lake Residence (item 1)


Vare pillow, Asuntomessut TuusulaPikkupolku Moderni (item 2)


Vare pillow brown, housing fairTerratinta house Puustellin Helmi (item 26)


Louhi wool felt is a nice graphic detail in the interior.

Louhi wool blanket dark / light

Louhi wool blanket, housing fair TuusulaSemi-detached house Veljesteco (item 4)


Magnificent Owl poster brought a look to the interior of the bedroom.

Owl poster

Housing fair Owl posterHouse Keuda (item 17)


Many of Miiko's nature-themed objects were also found in the kitchens of the housing fair destinations, such as Owl cutting board and napkin holder.

Owl cutting board, housing fair TuusulaHouse Keuda (item 17)

Black napkin holder 

Servettikoppa, home construction fair TuusulaTerratinta house Puustellin Helmi (item 26)

The housing fair is a great place to visit to get inspired and get tips for your own home!



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