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    Ekologinen Suomessa valmistettu lahja

    Who among us does not like giving gifts. It makes you happy when you see the gift recipient's expectant-excited expression when he opens the gift and the joy when the gift is finally opened. But often we would like to do something good with the gift on a larger scale as well. Improve the world one step at a time. An excellent option is an ecological gift. Pine cones and straw decorations may be the first thing that comes to mind, but there are also a lot of wonderful designs and great utility items for ecological gifts. We just don't always think of these possibilities, or we don't know enough about the product. Here are a few examples of ecological gifts with a double effect: a happy recipient and a piece of a better world.

    Maxi Jemma shoulder bag, Miiko

    When hunting moose, care is taken to ensure that their population does not grow explosively. Deer felling is monitored and new felling permits are issued every year. The meat of felled moose is put to good use and is a delicacy for many. You don't often hear deerskin being used, even though it is very durable and wonderfully soft. It is therefore a real eco-deed to buy Miiko's wonderful bags and purses , which are made of deerskin. Otherwise, this leather would end up as waste. Miiko's deerskin bags and purses have a modern, simple design and are therefore suitable for many uses. When you hold a deerskin product in your hand for the first time, you can only fall in love with this wonderful natural material. An excellent ecological gift!

    Soy wax candle Candle Light Story

    Soy wax candles bring a little luxury to everyday life. With their wooden heart burning crackling like a fireplace, you can relax and forget the hustle and bustle of the day. Our soy wax candles are made by hand at Candle Light Story's home workshop in Nurmijärvi from start to finish. Plant-based soy wax burns much cleaner than traditional candle wax and is thus suitable even for more sensitive families. Essentials series scents come from 100% natural essential oils without additives. So even a candlestick can be ecologically vegan!

    Vanamo tray Ester Visual

    The tray is for many. Of course, it is excellent for serving, but the wonderful pictures and patterns also beautify the kitchen as a blackboard or serve as an interior element to create an atmosphere in the living room. Ester Visual's sympathetic trays are designed and manufactured in Finland. They are durable birch veneer veneer from Finnish birch. So real local production, which guarantees the minimization of the carbon footprint. No long transports, a safe working environment, natural material and a long service life are real ecological!

    A bag of seat belts hookoohoo

    hookoohoo from Turku manufactures all kinds of bags and pouches from scrap car seat belts . The safety belt is an excellent material to use in the manufacture of bags, as it is very durable and easy to care for. Seat belts as a material are also very versatile. They come in different shades of black and gray and any number of patterns. Therefore, each bag is its own unique individual. The journey from a car seat belt to a bag is a long one through a washing machine and a sewing machine, but everything is handmade using only machines as an aid. If anything, this is the best recycling and ecology!

    Tundra Natural natural soaps

    Natural soaps are made from pure natural raw materials and nothing unnecessary is added to them. Our soaps do not contain additional chemicals to create foam or synthetic fragrances. The soaps are made by hand in small workshops. Some of the raw materials are even collected by hand from Finnish nature. Locally produced in small batches from natural raw materials, this is ecological and pure luxury for the skin!

    Lyyti milking stool, Karppinen

    Jari Karppinen has renovated his wood workshop in his grandparents' old barn building. There the sweet Lyyti milking stools are made from Finnish pine in the skillful hands of Jari. Lyyti gets her candy coating at the neighbor's paint shop. Even the waste pieces from sawing are used for other crafts. With his work, Jari has also been able to create new jobs in his carpentry workshop. Sustainable development, ecology and ethics. In Lyyt, if anywhere, all three aspects are fulfilled!

    Of course, the store also offers many other ecological gifts, such as unique wooden jewelry . Take a look at our gift tips !

    While waiting for the spring celebrations, Johanna

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