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Instructions for ordering

May 14, 2019 2 min

Instructions for ordering

Here is the purchase path for ordering from our online store and instructions on the various pages of the checkout

The images below are from a computer order. In mobile, the purchase path is similar, but then the pages are optimized to fit the mobile window.

There are 5 different steps in the purchase path:

  • Cart
  • Shipping Information
  • Pick-up point selection / home delivery
  • Choice of payment method
  • Payment

The shopping path can always be reached from the dark green pieces.


1. Shopping cart

You can add the product to the cart on the product page from the green "Add to Cart" button. You can edit the number of pieces from the +/- characters. The cart will be empty when there are zero products. The shopping cart image is displayed in the upper right corner of each page and shows the number of items in the cart. You can go to the shopping cart from any page whenever you want.

 Product in cart



Shopping cart view before checkout:

If you wish, you can leave us a message related to your order in the shopping cart (optional). You can also continue shopping, leaving the products you choose in your cart and paying for them all at once.


2. Shipping Information

Once you have added all the products you want to the shopping cart, proceed to the checkout from the green button.

The first page of the checkout asks for delivery information.

Shipping Information

Add the subscriber's email address to the email field, as we'll send an order confirmation and a package shipment tracking code to that email address.

The delivery address is the address to which the package will be delivered. If it is different from the payer's address, then in the last step of the checkout, after selecting the payment method, the billing address will be added.

You can already add any subcode to your order on this page. It can also be done later.

Continue from the green button to select the delivery method.


3. Pick-up point selection / home delivery

On this page, pick up a pick-up point or home delivery. We use Posti, DB Schenker or Matkahuolto as carriers. You will see the name of the carrier below each pick-up point. If the shipment is in a hurry, we recommend choosing a Post office pick-up point.

If the checkout does not show pick-up points according to your address (but, for example, pick-up points in the center of Helsinki), there is an error in the postal code you added or there is an error in the system. Please contact us if your search does not correct the postcode.

Continue from the green button to select a payment method.

Pickup points


4. Choice of payment method

You can pay with online banking, credit card, invoice and installment. For a Paypal payment, you must have your own account. Paytrail allows you to pay with all online banking, credit card, MobilePay and Collector installments. Klarna offers an Invoice and Installment option.

Choose your preferred payment method.

If you wish, you can fill in a separate billing address on this page.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Once you have selected your preferred payment method, press the green 'Confirm Purchase' button. You will automatically be taken to the pages of the payment provider of your choice to make the payment. After payment, you will automatically return to our store on the order confirmation page.

Please always contact us if you experience any difficulties in placing your order. We serve during office hours by phone 040-1887744, we try to answer chat and e-mail not only during office hours but also in the evenings and on weekends.

T. Pauliina




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