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    Ohjeita tilaamiseen

    Here is the purchase path of our online store order and instructions for the different checkout pages

    The pictures below are from an order placed on a computer. In mobile, the purchase path is similar, the pages are just then optimized to fit the mobile window.

    There are 5 different stages in the purchase path:

    • Shopping basket
    • Shipping information
    • Pick-up point selection / home delivery
    • Choice of payment method
    • Payment

    You can always get ahead of the shopping path from the dark green pieces.

    1. Shopping cart

    You can add the product to the shopping cart on the product page from the green button "Add to cart". You can edit the number of pieces with +/- signs. The shopping cart is emptied when there are zero products. The image of the shopping cart is visible on every page in the upper right corner and it shows the number of items in the cart. You can go to the shopping cart from every page whenever you want.

    Product to cart

    Shopping cart view before checkout:

    If you wish, you can leave us a message related to the order in the shopping cart (not mandatory). You can also continue shopping, where the products you selected remain in the shopping cart and you pay for everything at once after a while.

    Shopping basket

    2. Delivery information

    When you have added all the products you want to the shopping cart, continue to checkout using the green button.

    The first page of the checkout asks for delivery information.

    Shipping information

    Add the subscriber's e-mail address to the e-mail field, because we will send the order confirmation and the tracking code for the package to that e-mail address.

    The delivery address is the address to which the package is delivered. If it is different from the payer's address, then in the last step of checkout, after selecting the payment method, the billing address is added.

    You can add a possible discount code to your order already on this page. You can also do it later.

    Continue from the green button to choose the delivery method.

    3. Pick-up point selection / home delivery

    On this page, you select a pick-up point or home delivery. We use Posti, DB Schenker or Matkahuolto as a carrier. You will see the name of the carrier under each pick-up point. If the shipment is in a hurry, we recommend choosing a Posti pick-up point.

    If the cash register does not show pick-up points according to your address (but e.g. pick-up points in the center of Helsinki), there is an error in the zip code you have entered or there is another error in the system. Contact us if the search is not corrected by editing the postal code.

    Continue from the green button to select the payment method.

    Pickup points

    4. Choice of payment method

    You can pay by online bank, credit card, invoice and installment payment. You must have your own account for Paypal payment. Through Paytrail, you can pay with all online banks, credit cards, MobilePay and Collector installments. Klarna offers an invoice and partial payment option.

    Choose your preferred payment method.

    If you wish, you can fill in a separate billing address on this page.

    Payment methods

    Payment methods

    When you have chosen the payment method you want, press the green button 'Confirm purchase'. You will automatically go to the payment provider's website of your choice to make the payment. After payment, you will automatically go back to our store to the order confirmation page.

    You are always in contact with us if you experience any difficulties in placing an order. We are available during office hours on the phone 040-1887744, we try to respond to chat and e-mail in addition to office hours also in the evenings and weekends.

    T. Paulina

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