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Does Nature-Inspired Home Decor Add Happiness?

October 16, 2019 2 min

Interior inspired by nature

Moving around in nature has already been shown to increase people’s happiness. Finnish manufacturers of interior decoration products often seek inspiration from nature and they also try to use domestic, natural materials where possible. These interior elements bring a touch of Finnish nature to our homes. A home finished with natural elements is sure to make us all feel comfortable and thus happy.


Darts wall clock, Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts

Darts wall clock Paullina Rundgren HandiCrafts

Pauliina got the idea Dart on the wall clock wood chipping. Could the dart hack time as well? The dart wall clock is well suited for modern and Scandinavian décor. It is stylish, but at the same time playful.


Conifer wall hook, Leino Design

Softwood hanger, Leino Design

There is always a need for wall hooks in the hallway, children's room, toilet as well as in many other rooms. These conifers do not litter or fall. They can be attached inside or out as they are made of moisture resistant steel. Coniferous wall hooks there are three wonderful colors: always a stylish black, gentle lozenge mint and the current hit color Rose Gold.


Birch wall clock, Miiko

Birch wall clock Miiko design

What is more beautiful than a Finnish birch forest? And in all seasons. Miiko design designer Sanna Paakkia has inspired our birch forest when white frames are in the lead. Birches is a wonderful and unique wall clock for any room.


Swan wall decoration, YO ZEN

Swan wall decoration, YO ZEN

Origami Swan, or the national bird of Finland from the domestic birch swan, is a magnificent fixture in the room. The noble swan is always a fascinating revelation. The fine birch wood surface is soft in color, but you can also paint this Swan wall decoration to suit your own interior. Wall decoration is also available as a majestic eagle.


Saimaa Wall Shelf, Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts

Saimaa shelf

Fire and water are the element that can be viewed from eternity. They live and change all the time. They don't get bored. Saimaa on wall shelves the waves flutter and you don't get bored of them either. At the same time, the shelves cover, but also bring out. They are made of stainless steel and are therefore also suitable for wet areas or outdoors. Also handy as bedside tables in the bedroom or as a spice rack in the kitchen.


Fox wall clock, Miiko


Fox wall clock in birch plywood

Many of us have come to know a cunning repo in the woods as a child, a cunning plotter of fairy tales. This casual but determinedly jerky Fox wall clock suitable for the children's room as well as many other spaces. The dripping birch is gorgeous on a dark but also light wall.


T. Johanna


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