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  • Does home decoration inspired by nature increase happiness?

    Luonnon inspiroima sisustus

    Exercising in nature has already been shown to increase people's happiness. Finnish manufacturers of interior design products often seek inspiration from nature and they also try to use domestic, natural materials whenever possible. These interior elements bring a touch of Finnish nature into our homes. A home finished with natural elements will definitely make each of us feel comfortable and thus also happy.

    Tikka wall clock, Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts

    Tikka wall clock Paullina Rundgren HandiCrafts

    Pauliina got the idea for the Tikka wall clock from chopping wood for a woodpecker. Could a dart also kill time? The Tikka wall clock fits well with modern and Scandinavian interiors. It is stylish, but at the same time also playful.

    Havu wall hook, Leino Design

    Havu hanger, Leino Design

    There is always a need for wall hooks in the hallway, children's room, bathroom, as well as in many other rooms. These needles do not litter or fall. They can be attached inside or outside, as they are made of moisture-resistant steel. Havu wall hooks are available in three wonderful colors: the always stylish black, gentle pastille mint and the hit color of the moment, rose gold.

    Birch wall clock, Miiko

    Birch wall clock Miiko design


    What could be more beautiful than a Finnish birch forest? And in all seasons. Sanna Paakki, the designer of Miiko design, has been inspired by our birch forest when the white trunks are in the main role. Koivut is a wonderful and unique wall clock for any room.

    Swan wall decoration, YO ZEN

    Swan wall decoration, YO ZEN

    Origami Swan, Finland's national bird, made from the native birch of the swan is a wonderful focal point of the room. The majestic swan is always a fascinating apparition. The fine birch wood surface has a soft tone, but you can also paint this Swan wall decoration to suit your own interior. The wall decoration is also available as a majestic eagle .

    Saimaa wall shelf, Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts

    Saimaa shelf

    Fire and water are elementals that can be watched for ages. They live and change all the time. You never get tired of them. In the Saimaa wall shelves, the waves are lapping and you won't get tired of them either. The shelves at the same time cover, but also highlight. They are made of stainless steel and are thus also suitable for damp rooms or outdoors. Also handy as bedside tables in the bedroom or as a spice rack in the kitchen.

    Fox wall clock, Miiko

    Fox wall clock birch plywood

    Many of us have come to know the sly repo of the woods as a child as the sly plotter of fairy tales. This relaxed, but determinedly jolting Kettu wall clock is suitable for children's rooms as well as many other spaces. Kulas birch is wonderful on a dark, but also on a light wall.

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