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Ecological bags

Ecological bags from recycled seat belts

Ecological bags made from recycled material

bags, backpacks, pouches and toiletry bags designed by hookooho and made from recycled car seat belts are among the most popular products in our store. These awesome products are the result of reusable seat belts in the hands of Hanna-Kaisa, Turku. Ecology and responsibility are a very important part of his business. Everything possible is sourced from domestic partners along with sewing thread.


hookoohoo ecological bags


The hookoohoon design is straightforward and timeless. It sits in any style and the seat belt is made of age-old, lifeless and sexless. These bags can be used by anyone anywhere. Each bag, backpack, pouch and toiletry bag is also its own unique individual, and there are no two alike because there are so many shades of seat belts. So each product has its own story.

The seat belt is an excellent material for bags. It is very durable and easy to care for as it repels dirt and liquids. However, stains should be removed immediately, as twhen fresh, the dirt comes off with a light sweep or rinse. The bag can also be washed in the washing machine or by hand with plenty of water. The serviced bag is like new again.


Hanna-Kaisa, hookoohoo


Seat belts are purchased for reuse from a car unloader. At times, there is even a shortage of this excellent recycled material and prices are high, although one would think that seat belts can be obtained in abundance for free from a scrap yard. However, there is a need for a car dismantling plant that first disassembles the car into parts. So there would be no bags without car unloaders.

First, seat belts go through a thorough quality check and only belts in good condition are sewn into bags. The seat belts are then washed and dried before being cut to the correct length. So the laundry days are also part of Hanna-Kaisa's job description.


Recycled seat belts, hookoohoo


Then we get to sewing. Each individual is handcrafted and is a masterpiece of its creator. Hanna-Kaisa also manufactures products according to special wishes. If you want something special, then contact us, it will certainly be implemented.


Hanna-Kaisa, hookoohoo


This is how these unique, ecological design bags are created that will withstand wear and tear and time. It is a pleasure and an honor to sell hookoohoo design products, because we share the same values ​​with Hanna-Kaisa: ecology and responsibility. We all believe in sustainability! Durable wear - durable hookoohoon bag :)


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Regards, Johanna


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