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    Ekologiset laukut kierrätetyistä turvavöistä

    Ecological bags from recycled material

    bags, backpacks, pouches and toiletry bags designed by hookohoo and made from recycled seat belts from scrap cars are among the most popular products in our store. These great products are created in the hands of Hanna-Kaisa, in Turku, from recycled seat belts. Ecology and responsibility are a very important part of his company. Everything possible is procured from domestic partners, down to the sewing thread.

    hookoohoo ecological bags

    hookoohoo's design is clean-lined and timeless. It fits every style and the safety belt material is ageless, gestureless and genderless. Anyone can use these bags anywhere. Each bag, backpack, bag and toiletry bag is also its own unique individual, and no two are the same because there are so many shades of seat belts. So each product has its own story.

    A seat belt is an excellent material for bags. It is very durable and easy to care for, as it repels dirt and liquids. However, stains should be removed immediately, because e.g dirt comes off with a light sweep or rinse. The bag can also be washed in a washing machine or by hand with plenty of water. The serviced bag is like new again.


    Hanna-Kaisa, hookoohoo

    Seat belts are bought for re-use from a car wrecker. Sometimes there is even a shortage of this excellent recycled material and the prices are high, even though you might think that you can get plenty of seat belts for free from the junkyard. However, a car dismantling shop is needed, which first disassembles the car into parts. Without car wreckers, there would be no bags either.

    First, the seat belts go through a precise quality check and only the belts in good condition are sewn into bags. After that, the seat belts are washed and dried before they are cut to the right size. Laundry days are therefore also part of Hanna-Kaisa's job description.

    Recycled seat belts, hookoohoo

    Then let's get down to sewing. Each individual piece is handcrafted and is a work of art. Hanna-Kaisa also manufactures products according to special requests. If you want something special, contact us , it will certainly be realized.


    Hanna-Kaisa, hookoohoo

    This is how these unique, ecological design bags are born, which can withstand consumption and time. It is a pleasure and an honor to sell hookoohoo design products, because we share the same values ​​as Hanna-Kaisa: ecology and responsibility. We all believe in sustainability! Durable consumption - durable hookoohoo bag :)

    Check out the hookoohoo bag selection

    Best regards, Johanna

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