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    Lahjakortti The Finland Shop

    A gift card for a woman - the freedom to choose a domestic gift

    A gift card is always a nice gift because the recipient can choose the product they want with it. At The Finland Shop , all products are made in Finland, so you always get a completely domestic product with our gift card. Friends and family members appreciate a domestic gift.

    The Finland Shop gift card

    The gift card can be used as a partial payment, so even if the amount does not quite cover the price of the desired product, the rest can be paid separately. You can also pay with the gift card several times, as long as there is enough value in it.

    An electronic gift card, i.e. sent by e-mail, arrives to the subscriber immediately after the purchase, so it is very quick to receive. You can print the electronic gift card yourself or forward it to the recipient.

    The Finland Shop gift card

    We also have a paper gift card , which we send by post in an envelope. It will arrive in your mailbox in a couple of days.

    Our gift cards have many different value options. We can also quickly edit the desired 'own' amount if it happens to be missing from the menu. Send us a message in the chat or an email or call us and we'll take care of it.

    Gift certificate

    Here you go to the electronic gift card and here to the paper gift card .

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