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Himmeli - traditions and modern design

Himmeli puinen joulukoriste, huonekoru, Valona Design

Is hemeli just a Christmas decoration?

At Christmas time, the baubles are dug out of the closet and hung from the ceiling, while the home is decorated for Christmas. Himmel is therefore often only considered a Christmas decoration. Originally, however, hemeli was a lucky charm that guaranteed a good harvest. The bigger the hemeli, the better and bigger the harvest. Himmel was kept on the roof of the hut until Midsummer of the following year in the hope of a big harvest.

Birch lampshade, wood decoration, Valona Design

Traditionally, the pyramid-shaped himmeli is made of rye straw. This Mobile, which moves quietly in the air current, has also been called a straw crown. In the past, the himmeli were also decorated with paper flowers, eggshells or pieces of mirror. Today, Himmels are simply elegant. However, everyone can make them their own.

Himmel's roots are in Central and Northern Europe and the name himmeli comes from the Swedish word "himmel" - sky. They wanted to bring splendor to homes, like church chandeliers. Himmeli got his idea from church candle crowns.

Himmeli is like a jewel in the room and is therefore suitable as a decoration element even after the Christmas holidays. Why not for the whole year. However, Himmel is basically not tied to any season.

Birch bumblebee Valona Design

Unique Birch Himmeli

Himmel's modern version is laser cut from birch plywood. Valona design's birch canopy is stylish, but respects the delicate form language of its traditional examples. Even though birch foam is airy and light, it is significantly more durable than its predecessor made of straw. The birch canopy is also easy to disassemble and reassemble, for example every Christmas. It's also a great room decoration all year round.

Birch mist >>

Of course, there are also many DIY instructions for himmel, and you can easily build a modern himmel yourself, for example from whistles.

Autumn greetings!


Photos: Maija Saukko and Valona design

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