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Himmeli is pop!

October 06, 2018 1 min

Himmeli - room jewelry

Under Christmas himmelit be dug out of the closet and hung on the ceiling when the home is decorated for Christmas. So Himmel is often considered just a Christmas decoration. Originally, however, the dimmer has been a good luck to ensure a good harvest. The bigger the dimmer, the better and bigger the harvest. Himmel was kept on the roof of the hut until the following year's Midsummer in the hope of a great harvest.


Birch Lobster Light Design


Traditionally, the pyramid-like dimmer is made from rye straw. This quietly moving mobile in the airflow has also been called the straw crown. In the past, dimmers were also decorated with paper flowers, eggshells, or mirror pieces. Today, the dimmers are reduced in style. Admittedly, everyone can make them unique.

Himmel has its roots in Central and Northern Europe and the name himmel comes from the Swedish word "himmel" - the sky. There was a desire to bring splendor to homes, like candle chandeliers in churches. So the dimmer has got its idea from the candle chandeliers in the churches.



Himmel is like a piece of room jewelry and is therefore also suitable as a decorative element after the Christmas holidays. Why not for the whole year. Himmel, however, is not, in principle, tied to any season.

Himmelin modern version is laser cut birch plywood. The light birch dimmer in the design is elegant, but respects the delicate design language of its traditional role models. Although birch bark is airy and light, it is much more durable than its straw model. Birch twigs are also easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Of course, there are also many DIY instructions for the dimmer, and a modern dimmer can be easily built from whistles, for example.





Photos: Maija Saukko and Valona design

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