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  • I turned a story from a grandparent's joke into a hit product

    Original Lyyti
    How do you end up on the radio with a cool discovery, develop too lovely colors and charm a large number of people. The Lyyti milking stool evokes emotions.

    Original Lyyti milking stool

    The original hundred-year-old little milking stool was found in my grandparents' garage. The beautiful shape of the ball, patinated by many layers of color and full of lumps, fascinated Jari. The ball was made by hand to withstand use from father to son in several generations. Jari wanted to bring the ball back to life and developed the sweet Lyyti milking stool based on it. This is how the traditional stool of old barns got a new mission in life.

    Carp made in Finland

    The man behind the Lytys :-) The Lytys are made in Jari's workshop, which he has renovated in his grandmother's old barn. Verstas is located in Paaso, Heinola, a Finnish rural idyll by the lake. There, furniture and lamps are made using traditional carpentry methods.

    Lyyti milking stool Karppinen

    Lyyti is already quite a celebrity and has been involved in many. Lyyti and Jari won e.g. Radio Suomipop's morning milking with a video of the marketing campaign milking campaign in the field . The presenters of Radio Suomipop's Aamulypsy program called Jari live and told about the win . Lyyti has also been hailed as an interior design hit and trend product. Even though the stories are already a few years old, they are still very relevant.

    The milking stool became an interior hit - tradition-Finland is pop!

    The milking stool is a trendy product!

    Morning milking adventure Lyyti milking stool

    Lyyti has found its way into our hearts and homes. It is a multifunctional little helper in the home as a stool, play ball, bedside table, at the summer house or just as a source of joy. In Villa Kotiranna, Lyyti found his own place alongside his little cousin Lystik .

    Villa Kotiranta Lyyti milking stool

    But yes, Lyyti can still do traditional milking jobs! Here Lyyti poses together with Elsi.

    Lyyti milking stool and Elsi

    The difficulty in choosing Lyyti's captivating colors seems to be the biggest problem in purchasing Lyyti. You can choose your favorite color here .

    t. Lyyti Lover Johanna

    Ps. Facebook has its own Lyyti Lovers group , join!

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