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Stoori by @pinkenneilikka

November 12, 2018 1 min

Miiko Owl plywood

I had a great opportunity to collaborate with The Finland Shop. I got them to photograph and test Miikon plywood blind. Miiko designs and manufactures wonderful Finnish products. They use birch plywood, deer leather and high quality wool as materials. This gorgeous plywood board is made of birch plywood.

Owl serving loaf Miiko @ light red clove

As soon as I got my plywood stable in my hands, I found that the blacksmith is versatile. For serving, it can be used in many ways, as a box or so that the lid and the convenient cutting board found on the lid also function as their own serving dishes. I immediately became enthusiastic about baking the rolls, because I thought the plywood was right into a bread box. Birch plywood as a material is not intended for wet products, so that is why plywood is better suited for serving bread or buns.

For a long time, I had a problem with where the breads would be served on the table. I found it boring to always put breads on some traditional plate. Now the problem is solved, because the perfect container, Miikko's plywood pot, for this purpose can be found in The Finland Shop.


serving box owl Miiko


The Finland Shop is a unique store. I found it The Finland Shop online store, when I was google and looking for just that Miikko's plywood stable. I said it is a wonderful trade with wonderful values. Among other things, I found Finnish brands I had never heard of. And absolutely wonderful products. The idea of ​​The Finland Shop is based on the idea that there are so many different great brands in Finland that many have not heard of. The products may not always have been available to the general public. The Finland Shop's wonderful duo, Pauliina and Johanna, wanted to create a store together where these Finnish quality products would be available. Conveniently located from one place. Thank you for this opportunity!

Wishing you a happy rest,
Emilia / @pink carnation

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