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A smile on the lips of the recipient, but also of the giver :-)

June 16, 2018 2 min

The Finland shop blog story

Your good friend is arranging garden invitations to celebrate their birthdays in the darkness of winter afterwards and you are looking for a gift for this important person that matters. On the Finland tour of the summer holiday, you spend greeting your relatives at the cottage and wondering what to take to the hostess as a gift. An invitation to a friend’s summer wedding has arrived and you have no idea what to give as a gift. Here you will find great gifts that will bring joy to the gift recipient, but also to you as a gift giver. Not only are these gifts beautiful and wonderful to wear but these gifts also matter. They are all Finnish Design and with them you will thumb Finland and us Finns!




Origami Swan Necklace - Walnut


Origami Swan Necklace - Walnut is a very beautiful shade of nature. This stylish piece of jewelry can be combined with any outfit and color and should be found in every woman's jewelry box.  


Origami Dove Necklace - Mint



Origami Dove Necklace - Mint is a gentle summer shade. The necklace beautifully completes the summer outfit and spreads the message of love and peace.


Pink leather bag, Katve


Pink leather bag Katve is a summer pill. The leather is absolutely soft deerskin. Katve will surely bring joy to her wearer and brighten up her day.


hookoohoo black backpack


Black backpack made of seat belts is very stylish and versatile. Whether it was a business backpack for a laptop or a field trip by the fire. This backpack is a joy for the recipient for the rest of their lives ;-)


serving box owl Miiko



Owl serving box is a multi-talented kitchen and tableware. It beautifies every home as a kitchen storage box, but also completes the table setting as a serving dish, cutting board and saucer.





Candle Light Story soy wax candle


Soy wax candle with wooden heart brings atmosphere to both the home and the cottage. It’s wonderful to breathe in and listen to the crackle of a wooden heart just as if you were sitting by an open fire.


Chopping board fox Miiko


Wooden fox cutting board is a beautiful cooking assistant. But it is not only beautiful but also meant to be used and therefore very durable and easy to care for.


Butterfly tray in Sagalaga


Big round butterfly tray bring the sun and butterflies to your home. The sleek minimal design and vibrant yellow color make us all in a good mood!


Felt Drops LANGØ


Drops wool blanket is wonderfully thick and luxurious. It is wonderful to be entangled in this softness when the cold surprises.


Red Lyyti milking stool


Milking stool is a great helper for both the home and the cottage, and both children and adults enjoy it. Be it for the interior of a playhouse, as an auxiliary staircase to the kitchen or as a ball when weeding the vegetable garden.





Louhi wool blanket Miiko


Louhi wool felt is suitable for a modern home, but can also be entwined by the campfire as the evening cools. Everyone appreciates this quality and Finnish work!


Linen sheets LANGØ


Linen sheets are a great gift for a young couple. They just get better in use and take the memories back to that unforgettable day :-)

Serving box in the birch forest Miiko
This birch serving box certainly not yet found in a young couple and it is the most beautiful and varied gift. Due to the natural materials and colors, it is suitable for every home.


Pink Lyyti milking stool


Milking the milking stool can only love! And it is sure to be found in a favorite color. Every home a "must have".



#finnish for you



The joy of giving a gift!




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