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Guests at Averi Design

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We went to say hello to Antti from Averi Design and admire the beauties coming to our store in his workshop. The very best Finnish design by hand! These timelessly brilliant and warmly illuminating WoLite lamps by Averi Designin are great domestic woodworking skills. The design language is clean and clear. The easy-to-assemble wooden lamps are made of birch veneer. These beauties will soon be available in our online store!

Averi design wooden lamp

Antti had just moved into a new office. Of course, the whole range of colors and sizes was on display for us to admire. Now we also saw live how beautifully and softly the birch lamp illuminates. The first thing we did was assemble the lamps with our own hands. I guess it was a bit like a test that "if you know how to assemble the lamps, you can also sell them in your online store" ;-) The best part of the visits is when you get to make and try the materials yourself.

There are also other beautiful novelties coming from Antti. The wall clocks in the works are really stylish and interesting in design. We are really looking forward to their finishing and going on sale! The watches are also made from birch veneer in a long process. We play with the material, but at the same time the watches are timelessly elegant.

Thank you Antti for visiting the village! Hats off to Finnish design and to all of you who do it. It's just so incredible and an incredible amount of work behind every great domestic product. Absolutely wonderful work. Thank you!



Sunny summer!


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