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Guests at Averi Design

June 05, 2018 1 min

The Finland Shop blog story

We went to greet Anti, Averi Design, and admire the beauties coming to our store at her workshop. Absolutely the best Finnish design by hand! These timelessly glorious and warmly lit WoLite luminaires by Averi Design are fine Finnish wood expertise. The design language is clean and clear. Easy-to-assemble wooden lamps are made of birch veneer. So these beauties will be available in our online store soon!


Averi design wooden lamp


Antti had just moved to a new study. On display was, of course, the full range of colors and sizes for us to admire. Now we also saw live how beautifully and softly a birch lamp illuminates. We were the first to assemble the lamps with our own hands. I guess it was a bit like a test that "if you know how to assemble the lamps, you can also sell them in your online store" ;-) The best thing about visits is when you can make and try the materials yourself.

Other beautiful novelties are also coming from Antti. The wall clocks under construction are really stylish and interesting in design. We are really looking forward to their finishing and sale! The watches are also made of birch veneer in a long process. The material is played with, but at the same time the watches are timelessly stylish.

Thank you Antti for visiting the village! Hat lift for Finnish design and all of you who do it. It’s just as incredible and an incredible amount of work behind every great domestic product. Absolutely great work. Thank you!


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Sunny summer!


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